May 30, 2021

I Love the Driftless

There's just something about this region of southwest Wisconsin that amazes upon each and every pilgrimage. The rolling green hills, the cold spring creeks, the voracious trout; it's wonderfully unique and intoxicating. 

Now I don't consider myself a very good trout angler. Once upon a time I was on the path to perhaps becoming one, but ever since moving to Florida, I just don't get to fish for trout frequently enough to really advance my skills.

That said, upon entering the Driftless, I always seem to punch above my weight class. The fishing can be just that good. It's the kind of place that satisfies, no matter one's skill level.

Two weeks ago I met up with a half dozen fixed-line friends for five days of camping, fishing, and camaraderie. Our base camp was in the Viroqua, Wisconsin area, ideal to launch off in any direction for a full day of fishing and fun. It was a trip I won't forget soon, and honestly there's no reason to want to.

Here are more than a few photos from that week.

Jonathan stalking

Matt laying low

Jason fishing some pretty water

Greg's rookie tenkara experience

Greg working the pool

I even got to finally meet Len Harris...


Jonathan at the vise


  1. Wonderful! I'd like to get out there sometime. It's a really long drive from Idaho though!

    1. I hear you Tom. 19 hours in the car from JAX to Viroqua. Met Jason & Greg in Atlanta and carpooled together the last 14. Couldn't have driven it solo.

    2. Heck Tom, fish your way there, making sure you stop by SE Mn.

  2. If anyone knows the driftless, it's Len Harris. Since I'll never get there to fish, thanks for taking us along.

  3. Thanks for sharing your visit. Glad you had a good time. I think I fished those same waters near Viroqua a few years back and did pretty well.

  4. Great series of photos, Michael. I felt like I was on the trip with you. You look pleased as punch in the photo with Len Harris!

  5. Michael
    Every report I've read about this place is always postive. You guys are doing it right by staying longer and getting to fish numbers of areas. I met a guy at our gym the other day and he said summer is not the best time to fish the place becasue of the mosquitos---I told him a few mosquitos bites would be worth it to land trout on some awesome spring feed streams. Thanks for sharing

  6. Geez Troutrageous, you could have came by to see me up on Lake Wisconsin or filled me in for a greet and meet! Poynette, WI mailing address.