January 2, 2021

Getting Rid of 2021's Skunk

Oh yes my friends, oh yes... No skunk in 2021.

Moonlit Lunar fiberglass & Pflueger Medalist...

plus Microbluegill™ ...

equals kickass start to the year!!!

(Summoning New Year's Day 2014 vibes with this pose).

Plus, when I got back to the car and turned on the radio, Sirius was playing CCR / Susie Q. A killer song from one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time. Can I get a hell yeah? We're only one day in and it's already better than last year! 

Miscellaneous Ramble 

In closing, I'd like to tell another New Year's Day story from yesterday, only because I'll probably forget over time if I don't write it down type it out. 

My wife had some dead plants that didn't make it through the brutal Florida winter. So I told her I'd get rid of them, which basically means dump the dead plants over the backyard fence into the woods behind our house. You can see the fence and some of the trees in in the background of this photo I took of our bird feeders.

Well, when I did that yesterday, the remnants of the one larger potted plant landed with a rather big thud... and then all I hear is all this commotion... and squawking for like 20 seconds straight. Immediately thinking "WTF" I peered through the lattice of the fence only to see a big black rooster scrambling around in the ground cover moving from right to left and then quickly out of sight. Sorry no photo, but it was pretty much just like this: 

Now I live in a pretty suburban area, so I'm guessing it was a pet or something that got loose. You know, the kind people keep to lay eggs or whatever, but then realize roosters don't lay eggs and tell it to run free... even though I don't think our neighborhood allows for any of that. That being said, I don't think our neighborhood allows for coyotes either, but they've been sighted (and heard at night), so my guess is that said rooster won't last too long. But maybe he'll surprise me.

The end of ramble, and this post.


  1. Happy New Year, Mike! May the fishing gods smile on you this year and allow you to exercise a few trout! Cheers! -Tom

    1. Thanks Tom. Happy New Year to you too.

      More trout is the goal anyway. And you're inadvertently helping to nudge me to do so. Got a nice ebook of kebari to read now, AND a new-to-me rod that USPS tracking says should be coming today. Super excited on both fronts!

  2. Happy New Year Mike. It's great to see you posting again.
    And Suzie Q has many memories attached to it....

    1. Thanks Alan! It's fun to be back. Looking forward to another year of flies, fish, AND food over at your place.

  3. Mike
    Glad to see you giving some love to the bluegill and elimnating the skunk at the same time. You and the family stay safe and use 2021 to accomplish some the things you didn't do during 2020. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Bill. We'll see what we can do. I have a feeling if those vaccinations roll out well (which is a big IF), this summer will have endless potential. Tight lines and best wishes to you my friend.