May 13, 2019

It's Driftless Week

Gonna be a tough week to keep the mind on work. Headed to the Driftless on Friday, for my annual Midwest trout pilgrimage.

In prior years there used to be a Midwest Tenkara Fest in Coon Valley, Wisconsin, but sadly, that's no more. There is a camp out going on over the weekend with some tenkara folks in the area. I'll probably swing on by and say hello on Saturday, although I'm not planning on camping out. Will definitely be nice to see a few familiar faces.

While I'll have a few tenkara rods on hand, like the Three Rivers Confluence pictured below, I think I'm going to bring the fly rod (with reel) too, just in case I want to chuck some streamers.

A lot of the places I'm used to fishing and hanging out at got hit pretty bad by flooding last year, so I'm not exactly sure what to expect. I'm certain some streams will be recovered, while others significantly changed. Fortunately, there's tons of trout water to fish in all directions, so I'm not too concerned.

The weather looks somewhat like a mixed bag. Nice, cooler temps than what I've got going on now in Florida, however rain appears a constant threat. I'd certainly welcome it in small volumes... I always seem to fish a little bit better when the water is slightly stained. Not too much though... not looking for a washout.

If it does rain too much, I guess there's always beer... and brats... and cheese curds...
For my waistline's sake, pray for sun.


  1. Enjoy your trip. Not sure what a ‘reel’ is though!

  2. Beer and Brats. Yup, sounds like Wisconsin. Have fun.

  3. Michael
    You know you're headed to one of my bucket list trips, take a lot of pics. Looking forward to a full report---my son and I will be making a trip to the Smokey Mt. in June to wade the Little River, looking forward to that trip---------but the Driftless is one I've got make before I hang up the fly rod. Who knows Jason and I may see you there in a year or two. Thanks for sharing