July 21, 2018

Seattle is Great, But Time To Set Sail...

Just left Seattle yesterday on the way to Alaska. We were there for essentially a day and a half and did a few touristy things like hit Pike Place Market... and then took a tour bus out to Mount Rainier for the day. The sights, sounds, (& tastes) in each stop were amazing. It was sensory overload. And that was before we hopped on the cruise ship on Friday afternoon, where sensory overload is by design... Next stop Ketchikan!

I think I took far too many pictures, so I'll save you from sharing them all. But here's a taste of a few I didn't already share on Instagram. (Sorry for all the family selfies, it's rare I can get Lilly to pose for a picture with her parents these days (tween angst) so I take advantage of it when I can).

"Ranger Ron", our Tours Northwest tour guide  :)

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  1. Any encounters with any of the homeless there? Thankfully KC still doesn't mind posing with you. Enjoy Alaska my friend.

    1. Nope, that one isn't camera shy.
      No encounters with the homeless. I mean they were there, but no encounters.
      Alaska tomorrow... already saw some whales from the ship today.

  2. Michael
    The wife and I are food addicts so the Public Market would have been a must stop for sure----My wife and I were in Sacramento three years ago to visit our son who works at one of the hospitals there, while there we visits the Redwoods, and was amazed, I can only imagined what the Seattle area is like!!! Great images thanks for sharing

    1. Oh, if you're food addicts, Pike Place would have definitely been for you. And if you & your wife enjoy flowers... I have never seen more beautiful cut flowers in one place in my life!