Out Of Hiding

Man, I haven't written anything for something like 10 days.  Probably the longest hiatus this blog's seen in some time.  Haven't read any other fishing blogs either.  Yeah, I'm the reason for your recent dip in site traffic...sorry.  About the only exposure to fishing I've had was scrolling through my Facebook news feed at the random stuff people have been posting.

Like this...

Liquor in the front, poker...I mean kebari...in the rear?

Or this...
Obi-Wan Fishilicious.

And this...
Holy balls that's not a carp!

It's been nice to follow along passively from a distance.
You all never cease to amaze.

That said, gonna take my CGR and a bushel of tenkara rods and go find some water this weekend.
We'll see what that brings...


  1. Welcome back. Hook 'em up this weekend!

  2. get on with the writing Mike! and thanks for the share...

  3. Mike, in that time that you weren't reading other blogs I posted the greatest blog post ever in the history of the world! But then I took it down because I felt bad about how it made everything else on the internet look bad...so I can't direct you to it now. You'll just have to take my word for it.

  4. Huh...I didn't even notice that you were gone. Oh wait, so was I! That reminds me...it's Sunday Tippet time with five more hours left. = ) I took a break this week and still don't feel rested. Ha.


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