Happy 4th of July, 2012!

John Hancock Dominating Brown Trout

A continuation of last year's "Famous Fly Fishers of the Fourth"

*Pre-Photoshop components "liberated" from Colorado Skies Outfitters & Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


  1. LOVE IT!
    Very original and patriotic!
    Happy Birthday USA! 236 years and still going!
    Please keep it up!

  2. Hells yeah! The Greatest American Hero on T! Completely worth the click-over from FB!

  3. (in a constitution era accent)* There are but two great truths of this wondrous nation. One is that of liberty. Righteous as it is, is is second to the beauty of strip-setting into a fatty brown with a kype the size of Oklahoma's panhandle. Amen.


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