A Short Sunday Session

I haven't blogged in a week.  Partially due to design, partially due to apathy.  While I'm not going to bore you with that sordid tale of woe, I will bore you with some fishing pictures and a short video.

I wet a line yesterday.  

The recipe was as follows:

1 3m Sakura Kongo.  
1 3m lemon yellow tapered Masterline
3 feet 7x monofiliment tippet
Assorted flies - namely Copper John and Black & Red Ants

Mix ingredients under an overcast sky with 70-75 degree morning temperatures.

You get fish.  Not a ton, but enough to keep you occupied.


  1. Was it "woe" or was it "whoa..."!!?? Whatever it was, that apathy train is coming to a screeching halt! =) The Tenkara Summit will get you re-juvenated and the RD Adventure Tour will hopefully give you some laughs...and maybe a few fish to boot! Nice fish release btw...


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