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April 13, 2014

The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak - Part 7

The local outdoors store in Jacksonville (Black Creek Outfitters) made note on Facebook the other day that they were going to begin carrying LIVE Watersports Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) shortly.

While SUPs are not technically fishing kayaks, LIVE does make a fishing SUP, called the L2Fish.

What makes these boards pretty unique is the catamaran style hulls.  With such a wide base, this becomes a seriously stable platform that should be ideal for fly fishing.  The MSRP of $1999 may put the L2Fish out of some people's budget, but we can all dream, right?

I do see this being a very fun boat to take out on ponds, creeks, and saltwater flats.  And as you can see from this pic lifted from the LIVE Facebook page, you can accessorize these for fishing to no end.

Lifted from LIVE Watersports' Facebook

Specs from the LIVE Website:

  • Dimensions: 12'6" x 34" x 9"
  • Volume: 300+ Liters
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Large straight-cut tunnel port for smooth pass-through ensuring unrivaled stability and speed
  • Wide spread catamaran hulls provide tremendous stability, minimal drag, and better glide ratio
  • Wide outboard hull flotation for maximum roll resistance and pearling prevention
  • Hollow design provides the highest possible performance with the lightest carrying weight in its class
  • Molded construction to ensure manufacturing precision
  • Superior materials and patented LIVE technology employed under deck pad for incomparable sturdiness
  • Oversized deck space for transporting cargo, the kids, your closest friends, or even a trolling motor
  • Custom double-layer traction pads for comfort
  • Multiple tie down locations for carrying coolers and other cargo

I currently hold no association with LIVE Watersports, this post simply highlights product(s) of interest for those seeking a kayak (or SUP) for fly fishing.

The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak Series
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March 7, 2014

The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak - Part 6

The latest installment of the "Quest" series the brand new Native Watercraft Ultimate FX 12...a sort of hybrid between a canoe and kayak, and an update to the original, and wildly successful Ultimate.  It's probably fitting that this boat be highlighted, considering these posts are called "The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak"...

Image lifted from the Native FB Page

As you'll see in the video below, there are a lot of thoughtful upgrades in the Ultimate FX 12, including the improved adjustable seat, more attachment points, and a bungee reinforced anchor trolley that comes standard with the boat.  This kayak looks incredibly stable and appears to have a nice wide deck for those that may want to stand up to paddle and/or cast.  Plus the boat weighs almost 20 pounds less than my Native Slayer 12...

Stats (From Native website)
Length: 12' 2" (370 cm.)
Width: 30.5" (77.5 cm.)
Weight : 57lbs (26 kg) fully rigged
Capacity: 350 lbs (158.8 kg)

I currently hold no association with Native Watersports, this post simply highlights product(s) of interest for those seeking a kayak for fly fishing.  That said, I do own a Native Slayer 12.

The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak Series
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February 15, 2014

The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak - Part 5

The fifth installment of the "Quest" series brings a bit more information on a kayak first mentioned back in Part 2; the 2014 Feelfree Lure 11.5 Fishing Kayak.

Feelfree Lure 11.5 fishing kayak

Being initially turned on to this boat from nothing more than 3D renderings, it's really neat to see how it evolved into a final product.  What's not to like about this kayak?

Personally, there are 3 things that catch my attention.  Stability, seating, and accessories.

The Lure seems quite stable for its relatively short length.  A 36 inch width surely plays a role in that.  There is already some video online showing extensive fishing from the standing position.  An additional stand up leash makes it easy to safely go from a seated to standing position.  While I don't find myself standing all that much in my kayak, it's good to know you can in the Lure if desired.

The multi-position Gravity Seat is pretty much like a mini La-Z-Boy chair.  With multiple adjustments from low to almost a foot high, the seating configurations are practically limitless.  I'd love to take this for a test paddle just to see how different the balance is between the low and high positions.

Finally, I'm drawn in by the optional Uni-bar "dashboard" concept.  Most kayaks come with side rails that make it easy to add rod holders, GPS, camera mounts, you name it.  The Uni-bar works with the side rails of the Lure to create a horizontal platform for additional mounting capacity.  I haven't pimped my kayak out with too many add-ons yet, but this appears to be an ultra convenient option which allows the angler to have key accessories laid out directly in front of them for super easy access.

Austin Canoe & Kayak ( recently did a very good intro video about the ins and outs of the new Lure.  It's definitely worth the time to watch.

Stats (From Feelfree website)
Length: 11' 6" (350 cm.)
Width: 36" (91 cm.)
Weight : 69lbs (31 kg.)
Capacity: 375 lbs (170 kg)

I currently hold no association with Feelfree Kayaks or Austin Canoe & Kayak, this post simply highlights product(s) of interest for those seeking a kayak for fly fishing.

The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak Series
Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4

November 22, 2013

The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak - Part 4

This Wavewalk kayak is either awesomely ridiculous, or ridiculously awesome.  One thing is clear, it's stable.

Wavewalk Fishing Kayak

Is it wrong that I really want to take one out for a paddle?
If for no other reason than to act like this guy...

July 28, 2013

The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak - Part 3

I was cruising around Kickstarter last night (one of my high school friends has a project he's trying to get launched) when I stumbled upon a campaign for the TruRec DFP kayak (DFP standing for Dive, Fish, Paddle).

Now I have to say, if this thing gets funded (it's a long way from the $150,000 they're looking for), this could very well end the quest for the ultimate fly fishing kayak.  It's specs are on par with most of the others mentioned in prior posts - 13 feet long, 32" wide, 75 pounds, etc... but what really draws me to this particular boat are the deployable pontoons and all of the deck space...

Deployable pontoons aren't a new concept...the Freedom Hawk Pathfinder has something similar (although executed much differently), however what it doesn't have is all of the open deck space for whatever...including a cooler, extra gear, a kid, you name it.  It just seems laid out so intelligently, I have to say I'm extremely impressed and rooting for these guys to be able to bring it to market.

Check out their campaign on Kickstarter and/or Facebook page.  I think you'll like what you see...

July 18, 2013

The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak - Part 2

With the original "The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak" post being so well received, I thought I might continue along this particular path and update it with a second installment.

(Just to briefly recap, the first post highlighted the following fishing kayaks: NuCanoe Frontier, Jackson Coosa & Cuda, Freedom Hawk 12, Badfish Badfisher, and the Diablo Chupacabra...)

However, there were so many good suggestions made in the comments of the original post, as well as in other social media outlets this blog is hooked into, I figured it might be a good idea to document those as well in a follow here we go...

Leading off, the Emotion Stealth Angler (suggested by Spurky) is a pretty interesting choice.  The smallest, and most price friendly, I'm not sure that it accommodates my desire to stand up, but everything else is top notch.  Nice and compact, I think this would be a lot of fun to have to simply tool around in...with a little bit of fishing functionality thrown in there.

Lunker Hunt Clif next suggested a Hobie Kayak featuring Mirage Drive.  Holy Crap.  If I'm going to go that route, it'd be impossible not to go for the totally pimped out Pro Angler 12.  Now do I want to spend almost $3000 on a fishing kayak?  Maybe not, but damn if it isn't really, really tempting.  I even went to go look at one in person at the local dealer.  This thing is friggin' awesome.

A little bit out of the box, T! Pro Staffer Dub offered up scrounging Craigslist to find a good time old Coleman Crawdad, which is more like a plastic jon boat than a kayak.  It's no longer made, but he also says you can find them inexpensively used and they're plenty roomy.  (Pelican appears to make something similar, so it does live on as new!)  The picture below shows it's definitely more of a bass boat...but who said I only needed one boat?  Bring on the Troutrageous! Armada!

Both Lance MilksRiver Mud Kirk recommended looking up the Native Ulitmate Angler...which is more canoeish, like the NuCanoe in the last post, and a very compelling suggestion.  I'll be looking into this one a little bit more, as it appears more than suitable to fit the type of fishing I'm looking to do.  This dude frogk04 did a pretty nice walkthrough on YouTube, so why reinvent the wheel...

Michael Finn suggested the Old Town Predator...I'm not sure if he was referencing the 13 or MX, but both look pretty badass.  (The camo doesn't hurt either...can you see it?...didn't think so...)  I think I'm liking the MX a touch more (which I think was the one he was actually recommending), being a bit shorter, a smidge wider, and with a more pronounced deck...but you probably wouldn't lose with either...

The Diablo Amigo was then referenced by Lynn David, who saw it being teased on Facebook... and...well...from what I can see, I like it very much.  It's basically like the other Diablo SUP-ish kayaks, with the exception that it will be roto-molded instead of thermoform ABS...which will bring the price down.  Yuuuuuup!  I'm not going to complain about that one bit!  Unfortunately, it's a brand new model just launched at the ICAST/IFTD Show, so details such as that reduced price are a little bit thin at the moment...  Good things come to those who wait...

And last but not least Spurky chimed in again with the FeelFree Lure.  Now I've never heard of FeelFree Kayaks before, but everybody on Facebook is raving about the clean lines and how sweet this kayak will be.  I also read it will have a 3 height adjustable seat platform, and feature FeelFree's tool-less track system which will accommodate the new Unitrack crossbar "dashboard," making pimping your ride easy.  Much like the Diablo Amigo, this 'yak is brand new and details are also somewhat sketchy at the moment...I mean there's not even a picture, only this rendering to go from...

Got all that?  Suddenly the menu of choices got a heck of a lot bigger...

Here's the chart from the last post, updated to include some of the newer suggestions...

And I'll close this post as I closed the first one...

So do any of you own any of these fishing vehicles?

What about comments / recommendations?

I'd welcome any & all below...

July 5, 2013

The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak

Now that I live in Florida, I want to save up my pennies to get a fishing kayak.  I had thought I had figured out a way to get one on the cheap...but don't think I'm gonna go there...

Being partial to the fly fishing game, I'd like a 'yak that I can stand up in to sight fish, cast to them, and obviously get some leverage during the fight...which is a little bit of a tall order.  Most of the fishing kayak sites that I see feature dudes that are sitting down, using spinning or baitcast rods and stuff like that.  I definitely want to fly fish.  Plus, I don't really plan on taking it out in the ocean, more so in lakes, rivers, and intercoastal waters.

There are only a few other needs that I have outside of the fly fish/stand up thing - the two most important being size and weight.  I'd prefer it not weigh a billion pounds, and not be ridiculously long.  Basically, I'd like it to be something I can feel comfortable transporting myself, without too much struggle to get on or off the top of my SUV.

After a little research, these models really stand out.

NuCanoe Frontier - which comes in 2 flavors - 12' or brand new 10'.

Jackson Coosa, although maybe the Cuda 12' would be a better option...?

Freedom Hawk 12' - check out the crazy swing out outriggers...!!!

Or instead of going kayak, there are also pretty interesting hybrid stand up paddleboards geared toward fishing.  These are slightly less attractive to me, but still worth a peek.  Two I liked were the Badfish Badfisher and the Diablo Chupacabra...

Here are the specs on all of them, at least from a length & weight standpoint...and of course price (w/o additional options, because that can get crazy)...

So "survey says"...I don't know.

Each seem to have a lot going for them.  Every time I think Coosa, I waiver, and say NuCanoe...but then I look awestruck at the Freedom Hawk's detachable outriggers...right before my mind wanders to fun of the Diablo.  Maybe the only one that's "out" is the Badfisher, due to price...again, I don't know...

So do any of you own any of these fishing vehicles?

What about comments / recommendations?

I'd welcome any & all below...