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May 28, 2022

Deep Creekin' with Spurky

It's been a few years since I've seen my old Pennsylvania fishing buddy Spurky. We had been loosely planning a reunion for a little while, and we were finally able to coordinate schedules and meet up a few weekends ago at Deep Creek Campground in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

I had spend a few days at Deep Creek a few weeks before, as it hosted TenkaraCamp, a get together of tenkara anglers for a long weekend of fishing, clinics, and good times. It was helpful to set the stage for the trip with Spurky, as I was able to get the lay of the land (& streams), scout a good campsite, and feel positive that we'd have a good time.

It was really good to see Spurky again. (And not just because he was wearing a T! Party t-shirt). We were both a bit older and grayer, but the man still has a passion for fishing, so I was happy to play somewhat of host and guide and find some waters that fit his style of spinner and spoon fishing.


Not arriving at camp until after 4PM, it didn't leave a ton of time for fishing. So after pitching my tent, Spurky & I headed down the trail to go fish a few spots that I recalled looked promising. We didn't hike in too far, but we each found some pretty water and some really nice fish, including a solid brown I pulled from a riffle with the Tenkara USA Sato.


Friday was supposed to bring a little weather, but we lucked out and it was relatively sunny and gorgeous the whole day. We hopped in the car and drove over to Cherokee to fish on this morning. I wanted to take Spurky to a stream that I enjoy visiting, as it has a good mix of broken up pocket water for me to fish with my tenkara rod, while also being easily accessible off the trail and several deep, slow pools for him.

We spent a good part of the morning and early afternoon exploring the waterway, with us both having some luck with the resident rainbows. I found myself having a great time as they were eager to hit up top, so switching over futsu kebari as well as more familiar dry fly patterns seemed to do the trick.

Toward the end of the day we returned to Deep Creek and fished a bit more locally. Feeling the itch, I shelved the Oni Type III tenkara rod I was using earlier in the day and switched to my Orvis Superfine 3-weight fly rod just to get a few casts in. I caught a few small rainbows while Spurky ended up catching a really nice brown beside one of the bridges with spinners.

Before we turned in for the night, I did a little waterfall chasing (there are 3 somewhat close to the trailhead in camp), and I wanted to check each of them out.


Saturday, our last day to fish, was perhaps a bit bittersweet. Spurky was feeling quite a bit under the weather and not totally up for much of anything, much less fishing. So after checking in on him, he told me to go out alone. I visited another favorite stream not that far away and found the fishing to be good. Unfortunately, the weather turned around lunchtime, chasing me off the water.

Returning to camp and finding not only much nicer weather, but Spurky in better spirits, I followed him down to Deep Creek and just watched him for a little bit and snapped some photos. A bit of decompression for myself after a busy past few days.


Sunday was departure day, and the end of our weekend of fishing. We both had long drives ahead of us, so the camps were packed up and vehicles headed in separate directions before you knew it. It was certainly nice to see Spurky again. I hope despite that last day hiccup, he'll look back on the trip fondly. I mean what else can you ask for? We found good fishing, stellar conversation, and beautiful scenery. The Great Smoky Mountains certainly do not disappoint!


I also wrote a bit more about our trip from a slightly different perspective over at Tenkara Angler. That article was far less about the fishing, and more about just slowing one's pace to take in all that a fishing trip has to offer. 

Read "Taking it Slow" at Tenkara Angler

January 30, 2017

For Sale: New T-Shirt, Old T-Shirt, Random Gear...

Time to make like a carnival barker because the deals in the T! Store have never been hotter!
Just wanted to bring a few additions to your attention today...let's make a deal!

First off, Tenkara Angler swag was added to the store over the weekend in the form of tees and stickers. I had several people ask about Tenkara Angler t-shirts & hats at the Tenkara Jam, so we decided to move forward with a new, limited run "Tamo T-Shirt" in collaboration with the guys at Six Waters Co. They did a great job on the design, don't you think?

The super-soft tee comes in every color of the rainbow, given your rainbow is monochromatic heather blue. The first print run was limited, but at the time of posting, all sizes were still available, and I'll toss in some free TA stickers as well. The tees fit relatively true to size, my XL fits fine (I'm 6', about 210).

So in with the new...and out with the old...

The ever popular Troutrageous! Tenkara Sasquatch tees are now on clearance. I have a few random quantities leftover in sizes Large and XXL only. Originally $20, if you're Cinderella and shoe fits, you can have a tee for the steal of a price at $10.  I mean they're "CARF Approved" so that's gotta mean something, right?

Finally, I've been going through my gear, and just found a bunch of stuff that's in great condition, but I just don't use much anymore. Rather than go immediately to eBay, I've posted those items at the bottom of the T! store under the section, "Garage Sale" Maybe there's something that interests you, maybe not. Either way, some good deals to be had on gently used fishing gear.

Check out the T! Store HERE

So that's that on this final Monday morning of January.
Hope you're all ready for an awesome week.

December 24, 2014

ChrisT!mas Eve Elfing...

While I'm not much for the elaborate "Elf on the Shelf" displays, Lilly loves them (& is a believer), and is going to wake up this morning to some elfin' hi-jinks...courtesy of "Mrs. Claus."

Troutrageous! Elf On The Shelf

December 23, 2014

New T! Shirts for 2015

The T! Shirt has been redesigned for 2015!
(with some help from my friends at H&H Outfitters)

It's Tenkara...
It's a Sasquatch...
It's a Big Ass Trout...
It's Green...
It's all of the above!

After a very limited initial print run, there are some sizes L-3XL in stock now.

If you like...for more info, or to buy, check HERE.

November 17, 2013

I've Had Enough of the "Salt Life"

No, not Florida, but those damn Salt Life stickers that are on the back of every freakin' truck, minivan, and SUV in the greater Jacksonville area.  I know they've probably spawned, and may very well be in your neck of the woods too (wherever that might be), but Jacksonville is literally ground zero for these's like stick figure family stickers x 10,000...

That said, it's a little bit humorous to see some of the spin-offs that some of the creative locals have come up with.

From the SEC fooball lovin', gator-centric Swamp Life...

To the beer-centric Malt Life...

To the intensely serious dog loving Lab Life...

To the somewhat unnerving Assault Life...

And I could go on and on, but won't...

There's even a local lifestyle brand / Salt Life competitor called Fish On! that is starting to show up on more and more rear windows...they supposedly make clothes, but I haven't seen too many people wearing them yet.

My wife (who once upon a time was a graphic designer) can't stand the typography, and says all she sees is FISH JNL.  Regardless, I do kinda dig the kayak tee they make.

So yeah, the sticker scene is pretty ridiculous here in NE Florida, and I blame those Salt Life bastards for it.

It must come to an end.

I mean who puts stickers in their car windows anyway...

June 22, 2013

The New VEDAVOO Shoulder Pack

It's's finally here!

The Vedavoo Shoulder Pack

Today, Vedavoo unveiled their new Shoulder Pack, a bag I've eagerly looked forward to for some time.  Why do I like this bag so much?

First off, it's a shoulder bag, a fishing "man purse" if you will.  It's not a chest pack and it's not a backpack or rests comfortable along your side or small of your back...which I've always liked, especially when fishing light, like with tenkara gear.

Second, and what might be more fun, is that Scott Hunter from Vedavoo actually asked me for some input on the design.  Crazy, right?

A look into the mad scientist brain of Scott

Some things I suggested adding (although Scott is the sewing & design genius, not me) were the loops to horizontally store a tenkara rod (or tube), some buckle & daisy chain placements, and probably most importantly, the big ass pocket in the back...which in original design, all of that prime real estate was going to go to waste!

From Vedavoo Website:
Designed with support from Troutrageous!, the Shoulder Pack is designed to wear over one shoulder and at your side, pushed to the back, or pulled to the front. Designed for ambidextrous use, and built for use with our Interchange Pouches to maximize versatility.

Check it out when you get a chance.  At $99, it's not gonna break the bank, and if you don't like it, blame me, not Vedavoo.  They make quality, durable products in the USA that withstand the rigors of all you can throw at them!

April 14, 2013

The GREAT Shirt of China

Got an email from the artist formerly known as Lunker Hunt yesterday.  It's always good to hear from Clif - as I always value his unique point of view and similar sense of humor - and the latest peek into his residency in China is no different.

troutrageous t party great wall of china
"I challenge all your readers to  submit a picture as "great" as this one."

So T! Party members, think can you do it?
There are a lot of stickers and more than a few T! Shirts out there...who knows, maybe I'll even pick a prize from the treasure box to send to the best one.  I'd send something to Clif, but I don't want cause an international incident.

June 6, 2012

The Secret Letter Is...

This is Lilly's teacher-assigned homework for her last week of school...

Do you get it?  Totally awesome.

Oh, and since we're talking letters...if anyone wants a free T! sticker I'll send 'em out to the first 15 or so people to contact me with their mailing address.  Details HERE.

November 29, 2011

Laser Beams - Not Just For Frickin' Shark Heads

Lasers are pretty damn cool.  Whenever I think of them, Han Solo's gun immediately comes to mind, which is probably the ultimate in cool, but I had no idea how cool they could be until the folks at Make It Urz dropped this on me about a month ago....

Yes, that is a crappy picture of an awesome laser-engraved T! water bottle.  Pretty bad ass if I say so myself.

Now I didn't ask for this rockstar of a gift, nor was it prearranged to be provided in return for a blog post, or any of that nonsense.  It was simply the unsolicited byproduct of a reader "playing around with stuff tonight on the laser engraver."   

But that doesn't mean I can't pimp Make It Urz's my blog and I can do what I want.

So are you reading this on an iPad?  Yeah, they laser engrave those....

What about a smartphone?  Yup.

Kindle Fire?  That one too.

Okay, not a techie?  What about a fly rod or fly box?  Check & check.

Heck, even boxcutterswrenches, and tortillas are fair game....everything is at least 1000% more rad when it's personalized.

There's actually a ton of stuff they can laser engrave, including almonds, so check out the site if you get a chance.  Twitter works too.  They're also raising funds for an interesting laser engraved greeting card project on Kickstarter.  Go Small Business!

Me?  I'm just waiting to see what I get for Christmas, I have a feeling something will be packed up and sent their way come January.  You know, since they already have that T! logo down and everything.  Maybe I'll even get that Han Solo gun I've always wanted...

October 21, 2011

A Random Act of Kindness

On the way home from my business trip yesterday, I called home from the airport to catch up with K.C. & Lilly.  Lilly was a little more excited than usual to talk to me.  She told me she made me a card in kindergarten and couldn't wait to give it to me.

Upon arriving home she rushed to her school bag and pulled out a small envelope.  This is what was inside.

Best.  Kid.  Ever.