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June 10, 2014

Fly Fishing In The Surf: Baby Steps

I wanted to take the kayak down to Mosquito Lagoon on Sunday.  However there was a threat of rain, and you don't mess with boats and rain in Florida.  I don't even live in South Florida, but the rain can be off the hook crazy here.  Especially when lightning is involved.  So screw that.  Instead I figured I'd go somewhere that I could wade and fish, and escape somewhat quickly, should the skies begin to unleash their fury.

Moving south from the outing a few weeks ago at Crescent Beach, I decided to take a trip down to New Smyrna Beach, just below Daytona.  It's been really enjoyable checking out the different beaches in Florida, not just as fishing spots, but recreational destinations, as each have their own unique characteristics.  

Base camp was Smyrna Dunes Park, at the bottom end of the Ponce de Leon Inlet.  It's a very dog friendly beach that offers (extremely popular & crowded) jetties to fish off of as well as a large sand bar to wade out onto.  It's not grass flats like those in South Florida, but it does get you quite a bit out into the waterway...the only peril being the omnipresent waverunners...

I have to say, I really enjoyed this beach spot.  It was a pretty hot day, low 90s, so there were a lot of people doing the beach thing at the various entrance points; however with ample beach and the beauty of the dunes in the background, I had no problem finding calmer places to drop in and do some casting.

Heck, I actually hooked a fish this time - yeah no kidding!  My first one fly fishing off the beach (I still don't count THIS ONE since it didn't fight) - and while this was "only" a ladyfish, it jumped three times and was pretty fun to fight.  It kicked the hook on the third leap so I never got it to hand, but RWK says they poop on you anyway, so I feel a little better today about that long distance release.

I actually think I'll go back down to New Smyrna Beach some point and give it another try.  Next time (hopefully) with KC & Lilly in tow.  Most of the places I've fished to date haven't been terribly family friendly, so I haven't really thought to see if they wanted to come along...but this beach is.  Lilly would absolutely go nuts with all of the dogs.

Here are a few more pictures of the day:

Did that tortoise follow me from Crescent Beach?


Lots of dolphins