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October 10, 2011

So We Have A Winner...

Lots of entries (118 to be exact) have finally yielded a winner in the MooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber Lanyard giveaway.

Who is it? Want to guess first?

No, not him...

Him? Nope...

Them?, not them either...

Okay...Congratulations to Chad Welch!

Dude you won!!!!

So email me HERE with your real-life mailing address, and I'll make the arrangements with Mr. MooseKnuckle to get you the goods. I may even drop you a few trinkets from my obnoxiously self-promotional merchandise collection to boot!

Big thanks to MooseKnuckle Lanyards for sponsoring such a cool contest with a great product.  Also thanks to all that entered, even though all of you (with the exception of Chad) happen to be losers...

October 7, 2011

What's Happening!

It's Friday and I feel like I forgot to do somethin'...
You mean like call up the Doobie Brothers?
Hey, HEY, Hey!
What's Happening Dwayne!?!
Raj hasn't entered the FREE MooseKnuckle Lanyards giveaway yet...
You fools!  Don't you know it ends tomorra!
Ok, okay, okay Shirl....I guess I'll enter once or twice....
Ooooooooh, I'm gonna tell Momma....unless you enter all 5 times...
Dee, here's a dollar to shut up!
Make it ten, and make sure to do Facebook & Twitter too. 
Is something wrong over there kids?!
Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Google Friend Connect....Done!

Make like Raj and enter today HERE before it ends tomorrow.  
Don't make me make Dee tell on you.

September 26, 2011

Giveaway: Free MooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber Lanyard™

Fly Fishing Lanyards...some people love 'em, some people don't see the point.  Until recently, I probably fell into the latter grouping.  I always interpreted them as simply a charm necklace for anglers...and unless you're Mr. T or Flavor Flav, you probably can't pull one off.  That coming from a guy who fishes with a man-purse.
Swap fly box for kitchen clock and you get the point...

That perception changed a bit when I ran into MooseKnuckle Lanyards on the various social networks.  Let's just say this isn't a necklace your kid braids together in summer camp.  Not only do these lanyards have some really sweet technology in the form of a unique adjustment system, but they are built to be bulletproof and come in some nice finishes, like Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber, and in a limited edition, Fiberglass.
A MooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber Lanyard in all its glory

Here's a short video about the MooseKnuckle Lanyard, especially highlighting the adjustment mechanism.

So what's the advantage of a lanyard?  Well, if you fish light, everything is accessible, right where you need it.  No digging through vest pockets, no lugging around a fishing bag.  Couldn't be more simple, no muss, no fuss.  Maybe not ideal for the guy who brings 12 fly boxes, 70 spools of tippet, and a Subway Five Dollar Foot Long to the stream, but for those of us that also fish tenkara...hello!...the only thing more streamlined is just using your pockets!  Plus if John Dollar likes it, it's good enough for me.

So you want one yet?  Have you been lanyard curious and just shy about making the leap?  Well guess what, Jeremy at MooseKnuckle is offering up a free Carbon Fiber MooseKnuckle Lanyard (valued at $34.95) to one lucky Troutrageous! reader.  So no more excuses!

All I'm asking you to do is one (or all) of the following acts below and comment in the comments section of this post for each one you complete.  The more you do the more entries you get.  Don't worry, I have a feeling if you're reading this, you've probably already done most of the work already.

1. Join Troutrageous! with Google Friend Connect in the upper right of this site 
2. Go to Facebook & "Like" Troutrageous!
3. Go to Twitter & "Follow" Troutrageous!
4. Go to Facebook & "Like" MooseKnuckle Lanyards
5. Go to Twitter & "Follow" MooseKnuckle Lanyards

Note:  When you comment on this post, please write one individual comment for each task completed. If you do them all you will have written 5 separate comments.  Get it?  Those are your multiple entries.  Although not required, including your email address in your comments will ensure I can contact you if you are a winner.

The contest will close at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, Sunday, October 9, 2011 (aka late Saturday night).  The winner will be chosen via RNG and announced on Monday, October 10, 2011.

And while you're clicking all kinds of links and buttons, you may find that MooseKnuckle's website hasn't officially launched yet; so instead feel free to stop by the MooseKnuckle Lanyards blog for even more lanyardy goodness.

August 29, 2011

Merchandise Monday

I was going to write a post about dam removal for today.  See, the Stony Creek, the creek that my trout club is based is having it's dam removed this fall.  It's a little controversial because the pools above and below the dam are the main spots for recreational fishermen to hang out, but in the end, I guess it's a good thing.  Fish migration and all that stuff...

2010 Trout Tournament on the Stony Creek

I was also going to post a video I was sent via email of a dam being removed on the Raritan River in NJ, just to show what the real removal process actually looks like (a lot less dynamite than I had hoped)...but Lou from Fly & Fin beat me to it last night.  So go to his blog HERE instead to see the video.

With barrels empty, I figured I'd use the space to peddle some merchandise.  Only in America, right?

If you follow along on Facebook or Google + (or even click the T! Party tab at the top of the page once and a while) you may have noticed that besides stickers, there's T! shirts too.  Yeah, I printed up a small batch as a test order, kept a few for personal use, and tossed a few around to some friends as guinea pigs.

You may have seen one in this Owl Jones video for example...

Or possibly around the office under one's blazer...

Or maybe even out on the river with this guy...

Anyway, I've got 5 shirts left from that first batch.  (1 size Large, 2 Size Extra Large, and 2 Size 2XL).  If anyone wants one, I'll let them go for $18, shipping included.  This basically covers my cost, and when I do another print run, the price could go up.  This is real screen printing, not the digital stuff...

So if you're stupid enough to be conned into interested in one of the final five "first editions" me HERE with your size request and I'll get back to you with details.  I'll even include a secret bonus with each shipment, and it's not more stickers.

It will be first come first served, PayPal only.  No rolls of pennies in the mail, and sorry checkwriters, save your checks for the supermarket...

August 3, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - No Underlying Theme Edition

OK all, Wednesday Nibbles time.  A lot going on this week, so I'm gonna get right to it!

Got an email (or should I say gmail) from Kyle earlier this week.  You know Kyle...Compleat Thought Kyle...@kyleindenver Kyle....ever willing to organize a fly tying "Hangout" Kyle...  Yeah, that guy.  Well, he sent an invite on behalf of his group The Greenbacks | Colorado Trout Unlimited to pimp their summer challenge of "Clean Your River."
Does Al Snow know they found 'Head'?

Basically, you go out and pick up trash on your local river, stream, pond, whatever...and post some pictures to the Facebook Group Page HERE.  In doing so, not only does the environment win, but you have a chance of winning some swag from Simms.  Pretty sweet deal for something we should all probably be doing anyway!  Check it out...then get out trash pickin' if you know what I mean.  I can think of a local boat launch or two that could use some TLC.

I find enjoyment in watching idiots.  So should you...

An interesting event coming up in October is the first annual FlyStock - a weekend of fly fishing, music, & fun activities in which the proceeds go to benefit Project Healing Waters.  There's not a ton of information available at the moment other than the date (October 28th - 30th) and the location (Long's Fish Camp in Kingsland, TX), but if you've got access to get there, sounds like it will be a fun time.

If I were you I'd bookmark the website HERE, follow them on Twitter HERE, or do the Twitter #flystock thing to keep up to date as additional details come out.  I likely won't be able to make it (geographical handicap), but I'll definitely be ponying up for a "concert tee" or two when the time comes.  Love the logo!

Bacon Bacon Truck please come to my town...

This week's blog love is going to go to Finewater Fly Fishing.  I'm a bit of a newbie to this blog...even though it dates back to 2007 and makes interesting use of household pets.
Cat in your stripping basket?

I'll be carp kick ended up bringing me to this site.  As you know, I've been doing a lot of "research" (aka reading blogs about carp) this summer and this one...well...not only has had a lot of carp posts recently, but also found a way to sneak a T! sticker into one of them.  You had me at hello...hence the blog love.  That said, it's a really good read even without the sticker.  Check it out HERE and give it a follow if you don't mind.

Oh, and one last commercial....T! Party sticker pic updates HERE....35% off Fish Creek Spinners + free T! spinner coupon code 35percentT! HERE...BTW, is it Friday yet? amigos.

August 2, 2011

A Coupon Code You Can Actually Use

I got an email from Mepps yesterday touting a "great deal" of getting some free spinners if you spend $55 in their store.  Obsurd right?  Well the folks that read my G+ post thought so...especially my friend John, who also happens to be the H.W.T.I.C. (Head Wire Twister In Charge) at Fish Creek Spinners.  The following was our exchange:

So with that simple back and forth, I score you, my readers, a kick ass 35% off coupon code good on anything at the Fish Creek Spinners online store.  Doesn't matter if you spend $5, $55, or $555.  Just enter the code 35percenT! during checkout and we're saving you money, just like that.  Who loves ya baby?
Even a sucky fisherman like me can catch fish with Fish Creek Spinners

Everyone can use some spinners, even you snooty fly-fish only types...because we all know even you like to slum it every once and a don't pretend.  Head over to Fish Creek Spinners and buy some stuff...the code's only good until 8/8/2011.  A'ight?  Yeah, I thought you'd like that.

Oh, and one more bit of LATE BREAKING NEWS to this offer.  Got word from John that he's going to sweeten the deal!  To quote: "Here's the T spinner proto. I'll put one in any order that shows up, resulting from your blog post and using the discount."
T! Spinner

Holy balls.  What are you all waiting for!?!

July 20, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Cheapskates Edition

Hey yo.  Time for the Nibbles.  I got what 'chu want...literally.

Why do I say this?  That little sticker giveaway I did last week went obscenely viral yesterday.   Yeah, at like 11:00 AM this website called Free Stuff Times let all of their readers know that I (& interestingly enough Los Angeles Bike Polo???) were giving away free stickers...unfortunately, they didn't realize I stopped giving them out to the masses last Saturday.
Once upon a time this title said " Free Troutrageous & Los Angeles Bike Polo Stickers"...fer real!

So I got out of a work meeting at 11:23 AM and had over 80 bottom feeding trolls (many disproportionately hailing from WV & TN for some reason) emailing me wanting free stickers...and it only got worse when that post was then linked to Fat, and then other places like THIS, THIS, and THIS.  If it was like 8 or 10 folks I would have obliged, but I gave up counting once it went over 150.  I basically politely told all of them to f*ck off and enjoy their LABP stickers...and thanks for all of the web traffic...yeah, bring it on Better Business Bureau.

Okay...enough of that.  Did you see THIS?

Wow, right?  Now do yourself a favor and watch it again.  That deer not only got taken out by one car, but it actually got hit by the other one first launching it into the main car.  Crazy...or fake...probably both.

Removing dams is kinda trendy these days right? Yeah, I know...Patagonia's all over that shit. Question - If there's no more dams, what are all of the opening day trout anglers going to fish beneath? But I digress...
The dam goes boom

Anyway, seems up in the Lehigh Valley the Wildlands Conservancy and Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission want to remove not one, but two dams on the Lehigh River. That would not only open up passage for runs of fish (namely shad), but it would also create some sort of world-class whitewater course for kayakers. I was just amused by the fact that the article used the local McDonald's as one of the points of reference when describing where said course would reside. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere...
Wanna go on a boat ride kids?

Okay on to fly rods...a few months ago I told you about the Hardy Zenith winning the Yellowstone Angler's 5-Weight shootout.  Well, the 8-Weight shootout is done and the G. Loomis NRX was the winner, edging out the TFO BVK (that's a lot of letters) by a nose.

Did I mention the G. Loomis is a $760 rod and the TFO is a $250 rod?  Just thought I'd toss that know, if you're shopping around for an 8-weight.

Finally, time for blog love.  I'm going to a familiar face, although one relatively new to blogging.  Stu of Stu's Fly Shop fame's got a blog that apparently started in June.  Stu's writing style is great...very funny...especially considering he's from NZ and I can't always decipher some of the slang or references used.  Actually, that kind of makes it funnier.
Pillaging craft stores for tying materials - a tradition honored worldwide

Check out Stu's blog HERE if you have a chance...he's currently blogging about a recent swing through the U.S., so it's interesting to see what someone from halfway around the world thinks of American fly fishing.

NOTE:  As I was writing this post I received 6 more sticker solicitations.

July 19, 2011

Looking For A Job in the Fishing Industry?

Looking for something to do?  The MAN got you down?  Surely there must be a reason for you to be unproductively wasting your time reading this.

Thought it was somewhat interesting that I had two job emails pop up in my inbox yesterday.  No, they weren't soliciting me, they were simply part of email lists I subscribe to.

First off to all you Pennsylvanians...the PA Chapter of Trout Unlimited needs bodies.  Like not anybodies...but people to run importantish sounding stuff.  With titles that sound eminently powerful to boot.  I can't fathom such responsibility, however once the PATU needs a self-absorbed, tenkara slinging, social media maven with mediocre writing and even worse people skills on their staff, I'm in!  

PA Council of Trout Unlimited is looking for nominations for officers for the Executive Committee
Positions are: President, Vice Presidents (2), Regional Vice Presidents (6), Secretary, Treasurer, and National Leadership Council Representative.
For a description of all positions please visit the website. If you would like to be nominated or would like to nominate someone for one of these positions please email your nomination to Samantha Kutskel ( by August 1st. All nominations will be announced on the website by August 19th, and an announcement will be sent to all chapter presidents. Voting for officers will take place at the annual fall meeting October 1st.  If you have any questions please contact Samantha.

Not your box of flies?  Okay, how about these...

Fly Fishing Category Specialist

Cabela’s World Foremost Outfitter of Hunting and Fishing Gear has an immediate opening for a Category Specialist in our Fly Fishing Department located at our corporate office in Sidney, NE.
The primary principal for this position is to coordinate and execute the beginning of the product life cycle from product conception to market launch. This includes but is not limited to item set up, sample tracking and vendor file maintenance.


Customer Service Manager

Simms Fishing Products, the leader in Fly Fishing waders, footwear, sportswear and other fishing products is looking for a Customer Service Manager.
Note:  I have never dealt with Simms CS and does not reflect a real life experience...yet...
This role will insure the highest level of customer service in our industry, by overseeing the Customer Service/Retail Representatives and acting as the Simms ambassador to dealers, consumers, and the Simms Sales Organization and will interface with customers to resolve product and service issues. Successful candidates will have demonstrated success with call center management. This position will report into the Director, Sales and Service.

Specific duties will include: Customer Service Management; Call Center development and metric management; Customer Service Account Management; supporting Sales Department; Manage the Logo Customer Service function.

I'm sure there's more out there with a little sleuthing. Like I said, these just meandered my way and felt like sharing.  Yeah, I'm nice like that.

The point of this post? Beats me, I just wanted to write something about fishing today...and I'm holding out some of better stuff for tomorrow.  You know, for that annoyingly recurring post I write.

P.S....note the new Google+ icon hovering over thar on in the left margin. For you Stevie Wonders out there, it looks like this:

If you're already playing in that sandbox and we aren't already "circled," give it a click. Especially if you're hot...and not yet ANOTHER dude...into fishing.

May 23, 2011

So Who Won the Tie-Fast Combo Tool?

After my weekend away from home (and more or less blogging) the winner of the Tie-Fast Combo Tool giveaway was picked this morning thanks to the controlled randomness at
You're sitting on pins & needles right?

71 comments (entries) came in from what I can tell was 27 entrants (once I run out of fingers and toes I have a tough time counting that high).

Ok, enough stalling...the winner is......#18.

Which means the winner is Mel from Ass Backwards Angler with this comment (take notes people, obviously flattery does get you everywhere).
Way too much Mel love on this blog these days...

So congrats Mel.  You've won a Tie-Fast Combo Tool and Retractor courtesy of the folks over at Sierra Stream & Mountain.  Please email me (my address is HERE) with mailing instructions and I'll make sure it gets out to you ASAP.

Thanks again to everyone who played.  If you like these sort of giveaways (I'm impartial), let me know and I'll line a few more up.  Because remember...
...winning stuff is cool.

May 19, 2011

May Be A Bit Quiet Around Here For A Few Days

I'll be out of town on business the rest of this week in search of the largest HD video screen in the world.  As referenced in a prior post, my work tends to lead me to these modern marvels of technology quite frequently.
Last November's Adventure

While I'm away there may be some mobile blog posts of extremely sub-par quality, but then again maybe not.  Who knows.  I wasn't smart enough to write any posts in advance to auto-publish in my absence.  Oh well...

So in the's a reminder that there's only a few more days to enter that Tie Fast Combo Tool Giveaway I'm if you haven't entered yet, get to it.
You enter yet or what?

See you on the flip side (or at the impending Armageddon, which ever happens first).

May 10, 2011

Commentary & Giveaway: Tie-Fast Combo Tool

About a year ago I came to the realization that I needed a pair of nippers. I was one that used a small multi-tool or my teeth to cut line, and well, between all the time wasted folding & unfolding said multi-tool, as well as that little birdie in my ear chirping that my dentist wouldn't be pleased with my dental abuse, I broke down and dropped $16 on a set of nippers.

Tie-Fast Combo Tool - More Than Meets the Eye

What I actually ended up buying was a bit more than a set of 99 cent fingernail clippers. I picked up the Tie-Fast Combo Tool, set of nippers with some sharp blades but also contain an eye cleaner, hook sharpener, and best of all a mini version of the Tie-Fast knot tyer. (If there's an easier way to tie a nail knot, I can't think of it.) Best of all, this widget (like all of Tie-Fast's tools) is made right here in the USA just like Hacksaw Jim Duggan. So suck it China.


With all those great selling points, I know you've now got a bad case of nipper envy. Who wouldn't?  So here's where the giveaway comes into play courtesy of the folks at Sierra Stream & Mountain, makers of Tie-Fast Tools & J. Fair's Eagle Fly Tying Supplies.

All I'm asking you to do is one (or all) of the following acts below and comment in the comments section of this post for each one you complete.  The more you do the more entries you get.  Don't worry, none of them involve writing "Tie-Fast Combo" Tool on your chest in Sharpie, and I have a feeling if you're reading this, you've probably already done most of the work already.

1. Become a Google Friend Connect Follower of Troutrageous! at the top right of this page
2. Go to Facebook & "Like" Troutrageous!
3. Go to Twitter & "Follow" Troutrageous!
4. Go to the Sierra Stream & Mountain website, read about a product other than the Tie-Fast Combo tool, and comment back here a feature of that product
5. Go to Facebook & "Like" Sierra Stream & Mountain.

Note:  When you comment, please write one individual comment for each task. If you do them all you will have written 5 separate comments.  Get it?  Those are your multiple entries.  Although not required, including your email address in your comments will ensure I can contact you if you are a winner.

The contest will close at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, Sunday, May 22, 2011 (aka late Saturday night).  The winner will be chosen via RNG and announced on Monday, May 23, 2011.

Easy enough? I thought so.  This isn't meant to be challenging, so have fun with it.
And guess what, Tie-Fast has agreed to toss in a retractor too. It must really be your lucky day.

A retractor by any other name is just a zinger

May 3, 2011

You're All Losers

Well, except one of you.  See, after 2ish weeks of extremely lackluster intense competition, the RNG has gotten off its butt and picked a winner of the highly anticipated MNRiverdageous Lunkerdooress Scavenger Hunt.

And without further ado...the winning entry is...#76!

Shawn Bradley!
skinny & smooth

Okay, not "White Manute," I mean Will C.

Will C, please forward your mailing address to The River Damsel (not me) so she can send you your $50 Cabela's gift card.  Hope you use it to buy something good, not a lifetime supply of THESE.

Same rules apply as with OBN's giveaways. If we don't hear from you in 7 days, a new winner will be chosen...the clock starts now & Clif is quick on the trigger finger.

Oh, and for those of you playing at home, the answers were...Tuesday, Red, Longear Sunfish, Sausage & Potatoes, and "Day of Firsts" trip to Boulder, CO...but not necessarily in that order.

Congrats again to Will C., and thanks to MNAngler, The River Damsel, The Outdooress, & Clif for co-hosting this little contest.

Troutrageous! returns to regularly scheduled quasi-fishing related programming tomorrow.

April 30, 2011

Ooooh So Pretty....Want One?

Your fishing pictures...magically transformed...
digital photography transformation paint by Owl Jones
It's like watercolor...but not...
Get yours HERE.

Also, today's the last day for the MNRiverdageous Lunkerdooress Scavenger Hunt.
Get your entries in now before time runs out. Good luck!

(Well, except to the person that's evidently very fond of setting up free email addresses under different aliases; take the day off brotha, you've got plenty of entries at this point).