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March 29, 2021

Troutrageous! Spring 2021 Yard Sale

Decided to do a little cleaning out of the rod collection I've amassed over the years. In taking stock, I realized there are a couple of rods that I just don't fish that much anymore. They're all in really good condition (due mainly to that lack of use). That's kind of a shame, so figured they might be able to find a new home.

In addition to here, I also listed them on Facebook... although those transactions can always be an adventure, so I'd like nothing more than to take them down over there. In any event, should anything pique your interest, feel free to click through the links below or HERE to go to the T! Store (where you'll also find more photos and thorough descriptions). Any and all of these carry free shipping to the lower 48 United States.

L.L. Bean Silver Ghost 9' 6-Weight Fly Rod (4 Piece) with Silver Ghost Reel & 2 Fly Lines - SOLD

Suntech TenkaraBum 36 (12-Foot) Tenkara Rod - SOLD

Redington Tempt (aka Classic Trout) 7'6" 3-Weight (4 Piece) - SOLD

September 23, 2019

September 2019 Tenkara Garage Sale

Doing a little housecleaning, thought I'd post up a few tenkara rods for sale, as I'm trying to thin my collection a bit. I've just realized that there are certain rods I just don't use much (or at all) anymore. That's not fair to the rods, they were made to be fished!

If you're in the market, most of these are is really good shape (only fished a few times), so a deal could be had, be it for a primary, backup, or loaner rod.

SOLD - Tenkara USA Sato 3-Way Zoom Tenkara Rod (MSRP $250)
Like new, Tenkara USA Sato with updated cosmetics; this rod only used a few times. VERY clean rod, even has both tip caps. Includes stretchy rod sock and hard tube.

SOLD - NIRVANA 400 13' Tenkara Rod (MSRP $179.99)
Like new, excellent 400 class rod, used a half dozen times. VERY clean rod, rod when bought brand new does not come with a tip plug, so universal tip cap included. Also includes stretchy rod sock and hard tube.

SOLD - Tenkara USA Rhodo 3-Way Zoom Tenkara Rod (MSRP $250)
Used, but well maintained first generation Tenkara USA Rhodo. Rod shows wear from 5 years of use in small mountain streams. Includes rod sock and hard tube.

SOLD - Badger Tenkara Rocky Creek Special 8'6" Tenkara Rod (MSRP $100)
Small stream rod, only 8'6". Perfect for getting in those tight spots. Used twice, very clean rod and foam handle. Includes rod sock and hard tube. A cousin to the popular Badger Tenkara U.N.C. rod.

Should any of that strike your fancy, check out the T! Store HERE for simple credit card transactions, and don't worry, I don't see your number, it's processed through Square, a prominent 3rd party credit card processor.

Heck, even feel free to pop me an email HERE for more information on any of the items, or if you'd prefer to pay for something in a different fashion, such as PayPal.

November 4, 2018

November 2018 Garage Sale

The last time we had a gear garage sale on Troutrageous! it went pretty well. Sold a few items in a few days, and never heard anything negative from the folks who ended up making the purchases. Assume it was a "win-win" all around.

With that in mind, I'm once again cleaning out the fishing room and decided to put a few more things up for sale. I listed about a dozen items in a Facebook group on Saturday and was able to move a few within a few hours. With that flurry over, I figured I'd take the time to put the balance up here, and make available in the T! Store.

SOLD - Tenkara USA Ayu II 390 6:4 Tenkara Rod (MSRP $125)

SOLD - Badger Tenkara WISCO 13' 6" 7:3 Fixed Line Fishing Rod (MSRP $140)

SOLD - Tenkara Times TRY 360 6:4 Tenkara Rod (MSRP $140)

SOLD - Vedavoo Saddle Pack Fishing Sling (MSRP $99)

SOLD - New Zealand Strike Indicator Kit (MSRP $30)

And that's just what I have photographed and up in the store.

I also have a few other things set aside for sale, including a Garmin eTrex 20 personal GPS, Tanuki Rod Sling & Rod Sock, LL Bean Kennebec BOA Wading Boots (Size 11), Cabela's Three Forks Insulated Lug-Sole Chest Waders (Size 11), Winn Fishing Grips for all sorts of rod builds, Ozark Trail waterproof smartphone pouch, and a Mosquito Coil with 2 refills.

Should any of that strike your fancy, check out the T! Store HERE for simple credit card transactions, and don't worry, I don't see your number, it's processed through Square, a prominent 3rd party credit card processor.

Heck, even feel free to pop me an email HERE for more information on any of the items, including those not yet posted for sale, or if you'd prefer to pay for something in a different fashion, such as PayPal.

April 16, 2018

The 2018 Troutrageous! Garage Sale...

Time for some Spring cleaning...

This past weekend I took a look at my ever-growing fishing gear collection and realized it was time to let go of some stuff. I figure, if I haven't fished it in a year or so, it would be better off in somebody else's hands than collecting dust in my crowded "fishing room."

I have to admit, part of it is also some pangs of guilt of "consumerism" setting in. See, I recently read the quasi-business book "Let My People Go Surfing" by Yvon Chouinard. If you're not a fan of Patagonia (the brand) I wouldn't recommend reading it, but there was a lot of good stuff in there, particularly about fair business practices, being environmental stewards, and doing more with less. Check it out if you have interest. I did it on audiobook over a week or so's worth of drives to and from work.

Anyway... back to the garage sale. Last night I put a few lightly used tenkara rods up for sale in the T! Store, as well a pair of brand new wet wading/water boots that are just a smidge too small for me. Some good deals if you ask me, I hope you feel the same.

Tenkara USA Ito - SOLD 

Tenkara Customs / Winn Grip Rod - SOLD

Five Ten Water Tennies (US Size 11) - SOLD

Over the next few days/weeks, I'll be adding to the garage sale as I go through my lightly or possibly never used fishing & outdoors stuff, so make sure to check back often. Who knows what you might find... you can always see by clicking on the "T Store!" link at the top of this page.

April 10, 2017

Five Below Fly Box

There's been more than a few fly box posts here on the blog as of late, so perhaps I have fly boxes on the brain. In any event, Lilly & K.C. drug me into a Five Below store yesterday where among the shelves of pre-teen treasures, I stumbled upon an interesting find.

For those of you not familiar with Five Below, it's sort of a trendy "dollar store" chain that sells cheap stuff with a pop-culture slant like candy, toys, books, clothing, electronic accessories, etc... The goods aren't really of the highest quality, but the inventory rotates fairly regularly, so you never know exactly what you're going to find. Near the checkout, I found this for $2.

If you're familiar with the popular, pocket-sized Meiho compartment fly boxes that retail for about $8-10, this is strikingly similar and has many of the same features.

I've been happily using the Meiho boxes for about 2 or 3 seasons now. They hold a lot of flies, and the different compartments don't crush delicate dry flies. It's just the right size to also hold the smaller streamers I prefer for tenkara. If you like small streamers or even foam poppers, this clone might be more functional, as the one side is one large compartment.

Now I'd be lying if I claimed the quality was identical. The Meiho boxes are made in Japan of much sturdier plastic while this "Five Below special" is made in China and isn't quite as solid. However, the compartments and the box itself seem to close up nice and tight, so at face value it's a more than acceptable option when compared to other low-cost or DIY fly boxes like an Altoids tin.

I'll put this thing into the rotation and see how long it lasts. Just picked up some flies from Mel, so if nothing else, they've got a new home.

January 30, 2017

For Sale: New T-Shirt, Old T-Shirt, Random Gear...

Time to make like a carnival barker because the deals in the T! Store have never been hotter!
Just wanted to bring a few additions to your attention today...let's make a deal!

First off, Tenkara Angler swag was added to the store over the weekend in the form of tees and stickers. I had several people ask about Tenkara Angler t-shirts & hats at the Tenkara Jam, so we decided to move forward with a new, limited run "Tamo T-Shirt" in collaboration with the guys at Six Waters Co. They did a great job on the design, don't you think?

The super-soft tee comes in every color of the rainbow, given your rainbow is monochromatic heather blue. The first print run was limited, but at the time of posting, all sizes were still available, and I'll toss in some free TA stickers as well. The tees fit relatively true to size, my XL fits fine (I'm 6', about 210).

So in with the new...and out with the old...

The ever popular Troutrageous! Tenkara Sasquatch tees are now on clearance. I have a few random quantities leftover in sizes Large and XXL only. Originally $20, if you're Cinderella and shoe fits, you can have a tee for the steal of a price at $10.  I mean they're "CARF Approved" so that's gotta mean something, right?

Finally, I've been going through my gear, and just found a bunch of stuff that's in great condition, but I just don't use much anymore. Rather than go immediately to eBay, I've posted those items at the bottom of the T! store under the section, "Garage Sale" Maybe there's something that interests you, maybe not. Either way, some good deals to be had on gently used fishing gear.

Check out the T! Store HERE

So that's that on this final Monday morning of January.
Hope you're all ready for an awesome week.

August 5, 2014

New Wetfly Website Has Launched

Wetfly re-launched their website yesterday.  In clicking around the various tabs, I couldn't help but notice how the redesign is very bold and attention grabbing, creating a much more engaging experience than in the past.

For those of you not familiar with Wetfly, they offer a relatively small, but complete line of fly fishing products targeted at value & performance.

A screen grab of the new site

Per the press release:

"The launch of the new website is dedicated to educating consumers about the products that Wetfly designs and develops. From their fully ready-to-fish combo kits and Back Country Tenkara Series to the new Nitrogen1 reels and fly lines, the goal is to show consumers that the highest quality doesn’t need to come with a high price.

Over the coming months, expect to see Wetfly in the front of the stage as they focus on existing and new dealer support, new product releases, and sponsorships aimed at protecting the sport of fly fishing.

Throughout the launch of the new website, Wetfly is setting up several Special Offers with discounts on gear and contests for free product through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the site itself."

Check it out when you get a chance and make sure to use the code FACEFLY for 40% off their products, this week only.

June 26, 2014

Kickstarter - The Pocket Reel

Tenkara eliminated the reel from fishing, now The Pocket Reel seeks to eliminate the rod!

No, this isn't "simple" spin casting, but rather a slimmed down fishing outfit that is good for the survivalist hidden inside of you.  (Think Altoids tin crammed full of band aids and water proof matches).

Well this happens to be a plastic tube that holds a bunch of fishing goodies - bobbers, hooks, lures, on the inside - but is also able to shoot line.  A simple hand-wind brings your lure or bait, and hopefully a fish, to hand.

Oh, and did I mention it floats?

Help Kickstart the Pocket Reel HERE.
With 16 days to go it's almost 90% funded.

April 7, 2014

So You Want To Buy A Tenkara Starter Kit? Patagonia vs. Tenkara USA

Patagonia made some pretty big waves in the tenkara-verse last week with the introduction of the "Simple Fly Fishing" tenkara product line.  Aimed at introducing people to a less cluttered version of fly fishing, the products can be bought a la carte, or bundled in a kit which I'm sure will be very attractive to many people, especially those getting into tenkara (or even fly fishing) from the ground floor.

With that, this is what is included in the Patagonia "Simple Fly Fishing" 10'6" Kit...
(They actually offer 3 different kits, each with a different length rod, I chose the 10'6" middle sized rod for example purposes)


Image from

  • 10’ 6” tenkara rod telescopes down to 20.5”; includes spare tip and second section; rod sock has built-in line holder to organize line when not in use
  • Level-floating .027” tenkara line made from small diameter hard mono core with supple PVC coating
  • Pre-looped 7.5’ 3x tapered leader
  • Box of one dozen soft-hackle flies hand tied by the Montana Fly Company
  • Simple Fly Fishing: Techniques for Tenkara and Rod & Reel (paperback)

All that for $279.85.  Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

But that kind of got me to thinking...what would a similar package cost from Tenkara USA?

Tenkara USA has been offering a starter kit via Orvis for a few seasons now that retails for less at $215, but that includes two different lines and is centered around the Tenkara USA Iwana model rod.  While there is nothing particularly wrong with the Iwana, I was more curious to see what a package with the new Tenkara USA Sato & Rhodo rods might run since they have some added features such as the three-way zoom and the "keep your plug" system that neither the Iwana nor the TFO-produced Patagonia rods possess.

Tenkara USA

Image from

All that totals $259.90, about $20 less than the Patagonia kit.

But hey, wait a minute...the Patagonia kit also comes with a tapered leader and a book!

Yep, even though Tenkara USA has a very extensive "how to" section on their website that you don't have to pay anything for, I should probably add at least a spool of tippet and a how-to book to make the comparison "apples-to-apples" this case since Tenkara USA doesn't sell either, I'll source both from good ol' Amazon.

GRAND TOTAL = $278.65

...which is basically the same as the Patagonia kit ($279.85).  Yeah, I guess you're 6 flies and a spare tip short in the Tenkara USA package, but you're probably more than offsetting that by having a rod with more features and 3 different fishable lengths.

The choice seems simple to me.


I am aware that there are other very viable options for tenkara starter kits out there such as THIS or THIS that are even less expensive than the two outlined above.  Finding the most inexpensive option wasn't really the point of this that exercise could go on to no end.  Purchase decisions should come down to personal choice and this post is not an indictment in any shape or form of Patagonia/TFO product.  That would not be fair since I have never used them.  That noted, I have been more than happy with all of my Tenkara USA gear dating back to 2009.

August 10, 2013

(Relatively) Inexpensive Performance Fishing Shirts

A few weeks ago on Facebook, I put out a question asking for suggestions on lightweight, long sleeved fishing shirts.   Not the kind with buttons and pockets, but more so a moisture wicking performance fabric shirt...a loose-fit "Under Armour" style shirt if you will...

Well I got a TON of suggestions (check 'em out when you get the chance, as well as TFM's post with a great overview of the product category), more than I could possibly ever purchase.  So thanks everyone who participated there, it was a huge help in getting pointed in the right direction.  That said I did buy a few different shirts, simply to sample what's out there.

In recent posts you may have noticed that I'm fond a of certain light blue shirt.  I actually wore it the last two weekends.  That shirt retails for $35.  It's a great shirt, fits well (even over my belly), keeps me cool, and features UPF +50 protection, that keeps the sun's nasties away.

Anyway, while that shirt has fly fishing graphics printed on it from the re-seller, it also still had the neck label attached of who made the (blank) shirt itself.  You've probably received or purchased t-shirts from work, events, etc...that were printed on plain shirts made by Hanes or Gildan...same concept here.  This performance tee is made by a company called Vapor Apparel.  Vapor actually makes a bunch of different blank "performance" garments, ready to be purchased and intended for aftermarket decoration, especially sublimation

With the power of the internet, I happened to find a source of these blank shirts that sells them individually (you don't have to by 6 or 12 or 24 at a time) for under $10 each.  That's right.  A long sleeved performance tee with UPF +50 sun protection...for under 10 bucks.  Sure, shipping and handling adds another couple bucks to each tee...but to get the shirts for under $13 total, that's a bargain to me.  And being the kind of person who hates clothes shopping and when he finds something he likes, just goes and buys all the colors...I bought 3 more to add to the stockpile.

Anyway, my purpose of this post is not to dissuade you from purchasing shirts with logos on most cases the graphics on these shirts are way cool and I'm so glad I have the $35 shirt.  Actually, one of the other branded shirts I picked up for $45 might even be better than these.  But you know... $13 vs. $45...  

The purpose also isn't to send you to a specific re-seller - you might also notice that I didn't mention the company I found that sells the blank shirts a la carte.  I don't want to get them in trouble if they're really not supposed to be doing so.  

I guess the point was that if you're looking for a nice performance fishing shirt for a really low price, they're out there.  You just need to do a little digging...or just email me HERE, and I'll give you the scoop.

April 20, 2013

$20 On EBay Gets You This...

Sexy right?

It's like the Honus Wagner of pin up girls holding dead (and possibly phallic) flying fish cards...

So hurry up, before the auction ends...

April 18, 2013

One Year Lived by Adam Shepard - eBook Offer

I was recently contacted by Adam Shepard, an author who put his "normal" life on hold for a year, traveled all around world, had all kinds of interesting experiences, and wrote a book about it called "One Year Lived."  The book will be released in paperback on April 22nd, but he's generously given my readers the opportunity to receive an electronic copy by sharing the word of it's release...but more on that in a bit...

So why should you be compelled to read this book about some random dude's "vacation?"  This isn't fishing...right?  I'll be honest, I was a skeptic myself...especially since the project was initially presented to me under the context that "Americans lack of travel breeds ignorance."  I mean c'mon, we're America, f#ck yeah, we're awesome...who needs to go to Nicaragua to understand that?

However as I read the book, the unique perspective gained from following Mr. Shepard's adventures (elephant riding in Thailand or sex on the beach in the Philippines anyone?) was not only entertaining, but also thought provoking.  I suppose his book is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and using the world at large to gain context and perspective on yourself.  Life isn't just enriched only by money; life's experiences are what makes one wealthy.  Common sense to some, but unfortunately lost on many.

Yeah, heavier than usual concepts for a blog like this that tends to post pictures of chicks in bikinis with fishing rods...but believe me, this is not heavy reading, especially considering the author's style typically depicts events in an amusing way.

Like this...

See what I mean, not necessarily bland or boring stuff...

Anyway, if you're interested in getting an electronic copy of this book and reading about Adam's adventures from Guatemala to Slovakia and everywhere in between, all you have to do is the following.

1. Answer this question in the comments below:
"If you could go anywhere, where would you go & why?"
(I'd go to New Zealand for pristine water & BIG brown trout)

2. Share or repost this article in social media and pop me an email HERE with a link telling me so - I’ll reply with a link where you can download the book for free...but act quick, this is a limited time offer.

Easy enough...right?

You win, I win, & Adam Shepard wins.
It's a ménage à trois of "win" - which by the way is a pretty damn cool experience in itself...

I received a free electronic copy of One Year Lived, as well as the opportunity to share copies with my readers, directly from Adam Shepard.  Other than that, I currently hold no association whatsoever with Adam Shepard, but after reading his book, am pretty jealous of his adventures.

April 11, 2013

Internet Speculating With Domain Name Grabs

So I was trolling the internet last night, and I thought I'd do a Google search...  I never really paid much attention to what happens when you Google "Jacksonville Fly Fishing"

Notice anything odd?  Yeah I did too...  there is no  Yeah, it's a long URL, but c'mon, that should be a layup.  So I changed that.

I hopped on GoDaddy and grabbed and last night in an internet land grab.  Am I going to do something with them?  Maybe at some point once I actually live there.  What that me.  Do I feel a little dirty for sitting on a domain without clear intent to use it?  Perhaps a touch.

Now you might ask, (or probably not, as I'm sure you've stopped reading this post by now) is this the first time I've grabbed a domain out of impulse?  Unfortunately, no.  Most usually come from some brainstorm that I have that I'll create this awesome website to do something remarkable with, but then I usually give up on it as on most days I can barely keep Troutrageous! up and running.

Some examples of my misguided and neglected domain purchases are below:

Although is not on this list,
one might argue that it is also misguided and neglected too.

At the moment, I think most, if not all of the above redirect here.  The only one that I know doesn't is  I bought that back when I started my Tenkara Tuesday posts in 2011...I thought I was going to spin them off into their own website at some point, but they never really picked up much momentum.  Instead, I just redirect the URL to a blog started last year by the same name; Tenkara Life.  The author probably doesn't even know I do it, I just figure it's good karma.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is if you've ever considered this, there are coupon codes for GoDaddy right now that are pretty attractive, and have nothing to do with Danica Patrick.  The first (the one I used) was 50% off the domain and free Private registration in one code.  So you basically get your fancy new URL, and your personal information hidden from the masses for $5.

If that doesn't get you to take the fly, there's another code too for 70% off the domain only, which is a good deal if you're not so concerned with the private registration.

Oh, and let me make it clear I'm not getting compensated or anything for blogging these coupon codes, just thought it might be a good opportunity if anyone out there wants to do some domain prospecting themselves, or simply change their blog URL from a or or whatever to a legit address...

All this also got me to thinking...
Are there any other domain prospectors out there?  
Anybody else own some URLs that they just don't really do anything with?  
If so, do you feel a little bit dirty about it, like me?  
Feel free to comment below....

(I don't expect a big response to this, but figured I'd ask...)

January 19, 2013

Sandy Hook, CT Fundraiser - Where The Yellowstone Goes

A few weeks ago I reviewed the DVD "Where The Yellowstone Goes."  While not entirely about fly fishing, it's a really interesting movie for folks to watch that enjoy the outdoors and all of the opportunities they provide.

As such, Leigh at also did a review and is holding a contest for the same DVD, but even more exciting...he's received the go ahead from the producer of the DVD that 100% of the proceeds from any sale of the DVD that came from readers of Finfollower would go to the victims of the Sandy Hook, CT tragedy.

So if you're at all interested in watching this movie (& you should be), and are thinking about making the purchase, head over to, read the review, then use the coupon code love when you purchase the DVD HERE (not from me, but the store in the link).

Sound good?  It does to me.

January 6, 2013 - 15% off Coupon Code

Struck up a conversation via email yesterday with Eric from

What is that site exactly?...well, to quote Eric...
"I took a fly tying class last summer and was intrigued. I went home and tried to find a website that offered quality, free online video instruction and an avenue to buy all of the necessary materials. To my surprise, I couldn't find anything."
That probably rings true for a lot of us, especially beginner fly tiers or those of us that often blankly stare overwhelmed at the enormous wall of fly tying feathers, doohickeys, & whatchamacallits.

To help with this, you'll find really well done instructional videos, material kits (for sale) that match the videos, as well as a ton of individual components - vises, scissors, thread, beads, etc...

And if you're still paying attention...for the rest of this month (January), if you use the code troutrageous at checkout, you'll get 15% off your order.  Don't say I never give you anything.

December 30, 2012

So Who Won The T! Shirt & Other Crap?

Time to announce some winners of the contest...

As I mentioned, there were going to be 3 winners chosen at random...

The brains behind

...and here they are:

Size Medium T! Shirt & Crap TBD:

Size XL T! Shirt & Crap TBD:

Size 2XL T! Shirt & Crap TBD:

Okay you "winners"...I guess congratulations are in order.

Use the contact info found HERE to email me with your physical mailing address and I'll get these shirts out at some point...

As for the rest of you, thanks for playing along.  Sorry you didn't win this time, but don't feel too bad, the prizes weren't all that good anyway.

December 28, 2012

Giveaway - Free T! Shirt and Other Crap

Are all of you tired out from all of the pre-Christmas fishing giveaways?  Did you enter a bunch and not win squat?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  So here's your chance to win something of little to no value, a free T! Shirt, just like the attractive folks are fashionably modeling below.

Actually, I'm going to give away 3 of them.  I got one size Medium, one size XL, and one size XXL just kicking around with your (well, actually my) name on them.  Better in your house than mine at this point.

Plus, whoever wins will get some other crap thrown in for the heck of it.  Stickers, last year's TU calendar, the stupid Furby my daughter got for X-Mas, I dunno, just something random...I'm cleaning out my basement, and you're the beneficiary.

How do you play?  I'll try to make it easy....and copy the rules from Dub The Thorax because I'm too lazy to think of my own....

1.  You will get one entry in the drawing for commenting on this post - YOU SHOULD COMMENT ON THIS POST FOR YOUR ENTRIES TO BE VALID.

2.  For every Facebook share, Twitter tweet, Google+ whatever, or Instagram post about this, you'll get another entry
My Facebook page is HERE for sharing.  You also can find me on Twitter @troutrageous1, Google+ at +Troutrageous!, and Instagram @troutrageous1

3.  You can only comment on this post once
Make sure you include your preferred shirt size and where you shared this in your comment to get credit for all of your entries...if you don't comment on this post where you shared, I may not ever know.

4.  The maximum amount of entries is five per comment
(Comment example-"Hi this is John Fisherman, I wear a size XL shirt and I shared on twitter via @jfish, shared your FB post, shared on G+, and tagged you in my instagram photo" - He just earned himself 5 entries)

4.  This contest will run from now until 12/30/2012 at 12am EST 
(In other words late "Saturday night"). I will assign everyone entry numbers and use a random number generator to choose the winner at some point on Sunday morning.  If you're outside the continental US, we'll figure something out...I guess...

Got it?  Don't worry, if you mess up, I'll only make fun of you a little bit.
Now get after it.  Daddy needs a boost to the Google Analytics before the end of the year.

February 8, 2012

Wednesday Nibbles - The Shirtless Shark Bite Edition

Hey, look, it's Wednesday.  "Hump Day" to some, a phrase that even today still makes me chuckle like a 3rd grader.  ....he said Hump Day...   Anyway, thought I'd toss out some pre-packaged pop culture and hermetically sealed fishing randomness today, you know, to help move Wednesday along a bit.

Let's start with a bit of fishing...well sort of...yeah, we still talk about that here...sometimes...

Did you happen to see the new "flash sale" site called Wide Open Spaces that opened for business last week?  It's similar to Groupon or Woot in that it offers deeply discounted products for a short period of time, like a day or two.  It's not just fishing, it's hunting and general outdoors, so the opportunity to find a deal you might like is pretty good.

It's interesting to see how these outdoor deal sites are spreading like wildfire...Deals on the Fly, The Clymb, TightLinz, just to name a few.  (Yes, a few of those are referral links, I'm not ashamed).  I've personally bought a handful of Simms products from DOTF and some Redington gear from The Clymb, so as far as I'm concerned, competition is a good thing and means more deals for us.

Okay, changing gears, I really wanted this shark video to be funnier than it is, but still...I give credit to fake Che Guevara for not spilling his beer mid attack...or totally punting that fish 35 yards following...  

Moving on...ever notice how each time of those online fly fishing magazines drops a new issue, seemingly every fishing blogger out there drops a post (and/or a tweet or Facebook link) announcing its presence?  Talk about inexpensive marketing.  Those Catch Magazine guys have it made (until they start charging for issues of course), because once their latest goes live a legion of Paul Reveres instantly mobilize...  

Anyway, while I never quite understood that phenomenon, I did kinda enjoy the article/interview with bamboo rod builder Jared Makowski in this month's This is Fly and thought I'd highlight it here...makes me wonder if an interview with a snowbound Erin Block is far behind?

How'd you all spend your Super Bowl Sunday?  Heck, even if you don't care for football, I hope you used the occasion to totally dominate via a HUGE caloric intake.  Pizza, nachos, wings, whatever...Super Bowl Sunday may even top Thanksgiving in terms of an excuse to eat....and eat...and eat...

Here in Philadelphia, we have an event the Friday prior to the Super Bowl called the Wing Bowl where contestants (complete with a harem of Wingettes) battle in a massive chicken wing eating competition.  It's so big it's held in the Wells Fargo Center (the same place the 76ers and Flyers play), and just celebrated its 20th year.

The winner? Takeru Kobayashi of Nathan's Hot Dog eating fame.  He downed a record 337 wings in his first year in the contest, demolishing the old record of 255.  Quite impressive.  I'd tap out at about 50.  Maybe 60.

To close, time for some blog love.  This week's version of blog love comes from Connecticut, and goes to a blog that I don't even think is in my blogroll (I can't keep track anymore), The Weary Angler.

I enjoy Steve's blog because while it's well written, it's also done with a touch of a conversational know, writing in the same fashion you might talk...kinda like how I the excessive use of periods...not that I talk with periods...but I do write with them...  Go check it out, I think you'll dig it.  A little bit of everything.  I did notice a few familiar faces in the Google Members widget thingy, but I think we can add more this week...right?  Thanks in advance.

October 15, 2011

My Version of the Recycled Fish Post

One with an eye for detail (& blogrolls) may have noticed more than a handful of blogs writing about Recycled Fish recently.  Acutally, not just Recycled Fish, but their new online fly shop where 30% of the proceeds get put back into the cause.  Hold on...let that sink in for a minute.........................

Yep, I said 30%!!!

Look at all the goodies....

What exactly is Recycled Fish you might ask?  What is this cause?  Well I can work a mean copy & paste, so here's the deal, straight from the horse's fish's mouth:

Recycled Fish is the national non-profit organization of “anglers living a lifestyle of stewardship both on and off the water, because our lifestyle runs downstream.” The Recycled Fish “Sportsman’s Stewardship Pledge” invites anglers to embrace the Stewardship Ethic and join the organization, free of charge. The SAFE Angling Program — Sustaining Angling, Fish and Ecosystems — is a way to help anglers embrace a lifestyle of stewardship on the water. It involves catch and release fishing, including the use of single barbless hooks, biodegradable lures, and non-toxic lead-free weights. Recycled Fish also educates anglers about invasive species, habitat loss, waterway litter and pollution prevention, urban fisheries, and increase participation in recreational fishing for both adults and children. 
Kayak guy's in...are you?

Make a little more sense now?  If not, here's the basic equation...

If:          Recycled Fish = Good For Environment
And:     New Online Fly Shop = 30% of Proceeds to Recycled Fish
Then:    New Online Fly Shop = Good For Environment

See, we all I know you already buy a bunch of fishing stuff online anyway...

Go go visit Recycled Fish HERE and the new online fly shop HERE.
Probably two of the most worthwhile "clicks" you'll make today.

In writing this post, I am being entered into a contest to win some swag.  That noted, did the allure of fly fishing goodies influence the opinion voiced above?  No way man.  The facts are the facts Jack, and none of what was written is a lie.  Recycled Fish does some really good work promoting environmental awareness (I'm personally signed up), so any initiative that puts more money toward the cause is definitely worth supporting; swagadelic or not.