T! Party

T! Stickers...I give them out from time to time. You can buy them HERE.  I even started selling shirts.  These brave souls not only requested some, but chose to affix them to personal belongings or wear them in public.  I wonder if any of them have ever heard the phrase "guilty by association"...

Anyway, if these folks were kind enough to stick T! stickers to stuff or wear a T! shirt and take pictures of them, the least I can do is show them off in the blog.  

Behold the T! Party:

Spurky wearing the retro T!

A double dose of CARF...
...dude gets it done!

Creekside Robb rockin' the Tenkara Sasqautch!

Alan's Subie has jointed the T! Party, and also associates with Daleks...Exterminate!

T! Party member JP has his "TENKOOLER" stocked with an awesome array of stickers!

T! Party Member Bob made sure his new Yeti was as cool on the outside as it is on the inside
Jason of Tenkara Talk musing how simple it is to only have to wear one shirt from now on
Clif at the Great Wall of China.  Enough said.
OBN Joe showing off his Thanksgiving turkey carcass & T! Shirt
Cruising with True North Trout
Trout, T!, & Roy Halladay...doesn't get much better.
Seek & Find...can you find the T! ?
T! Party member Justin adds the T! sticker to a mess of others
The gear box of The Outdooress...yeah, look over on the left side.
View from The 10th Floor Underground: The T! Sticker keeps its distance from Gozer the Destructor
The S.S. Fishpanix Fly Fishing looks tight with some T! Party representation
A view inside the Vedavoo workshop.  The T! displayed proudly among the masses
T! Party member Karel has decorated that new tenkaramobile quite nicely.
T! Party member Ben took his T! Shirt on one of his famous Arizona Wanderings
McKayla Maroney is none too impressed by T! Party Member Alex's fly tying bench
T! Party member George lettin' the T! sneak out of those waders for some air
That T! sticker is really too nice for T! Party member Tom's refurbished fly box.
A classic T! Party photobomb of a Guy, Files, & Pies pic.
T! Party Member out and about showing off the sticker - "Think Trout"
Reader & T! Party Member Aaron celebrates a great mail day!
Perhaps the T! might be doing some Arizona Wanderings???
Mike from Dub The Thorax tossed some stickers on his whip...the T! was one.
Steven is back again --- the T! Shirt providing a backdrop for some badass reel porn
T! Party member Ed slapped the sticker on his 4x4.  Let go off-roadin'!
George provides a first hand look at fine art.  Yeah, the Louvre Pyramid ain't to shabby either.
Oh boy...in T!rouble with the law.  Be kind John...
T! = Titanic?  T! Party member Mark thinks so...
Matt from Fishingpoet snuck in a T! in a recent video about fishing in Michgan
Steven Carr has adorned his kayak with a ton of stickers - glad to be part of the fleet!
Steven of Average Outdoors took a break for a drink of T! on a recent Valley Creek outing
A sick streamer box from Dub The Thorax just got meatier with a T! sticker
A brief few seconds of fame in Jason's "Tenkara Setup in 45 Seconds" video
A place of honor on Mat's Bass & Muskie box
Things are getting serious over at Func Fish's place...
Angler Gang requested a sticker on twitter, who am I to deny?
T! Party member Joseph showing off his Facebook won T! Shirt
Yukon Goes Drinking
A fly fishing blog double dip with TFM from The Bird Nerd!
Really like this hero shot by reader Jay!
Sighting #1 at the tying bench of tnfishdaddy...
...and #2 on his troutmobile!
I won't hold the Penguins sticker against T! Party member Jack and his good lookin' tailgate!
Eunan's streamer box just got much cooler
Eunan's bag is a three-headed monster of stickerdom!
Laser-engraved water bottle by Make It Urz
Chase's Nalgene rockin' the T!
The T! affixed to its own vinyl fish...so Fly Fishilicious!
A full time ride for the T! with the Part Time Vagabond
T! Party in the mosh of fishing stickers on the A Year On The Fly mobile.
Placement above The Freshwater Fly's child labor hydration fridge
Lunker Hunt in China or somewhere spreading the T! Party like an invasive species
Reader Steven with son Aiden & daughter Maddie on an apple picking adventure in New York
Gary's Realtree canoe...complete with T! Party allegiance.
Howard with the sneaky T! shirt ...
Leigh's kayak is now equipped to follow some fin!
One might question Mel's latest URL...but they cannot question is sense of fashion!
T! Party on the Provo...with The River Damsel!
Mike's Gone Fishin'...Again!...and guess who gets to come along!
D. Nash of My Leaky Waders added the  T! to a stripping basket.  Can a stripper's pole be far behind?
...also gettin' kinda artsy.

Honored to make "THE CASE."  Thanks Austin!
Reader "Tim Robinsin" adds the T! to the zoo of stickers on his fishing truck!
"Mystery Reader" plays with dolls...uhh...okay...
Yes, toys love the T! too over at Average Outdoors'
A headless Functioning Fishaholic models a T! Shirt
Func Fish slaps a sticker on the craft fly tying caddy.
Yukon Goes Fishing with a T! Shirt in tow.

The T! Shirt makes a great option for "office casual,"
especially in Sweden where you can go The Way of the :/Fly/:
T! Shirt enjoying some drinks with Mr. & Mrs. Lunker Hunt.  Yoo Hoo I'm certain...
T! Ink on a dog's hindquarters...thanks Lunker Hunt!
Reader "Tim Robinsin" makes a contribution to the T! Party on a gear bin, love the dirt!
This is most likely the first T! on a hybrid pickup.  Thanks Spurky!
Owl Jones is "dead sexy" in his T! Shirt.  The bromance continues....
It's Miller Time for the T! and Jeff from The Freshwater Fly blog.
Fintan added the T! to the bike...but even better, it's in NEW ZEALAND!
On the back of Chase's AVALANCHE
Not to be outdone, finding excellent company on the back of Chris' Pathfinder.  I'm fond of BBQ too.
RD is sporting a T! Shirt.
Greg's window is very fly fishy.  The T! keeps following TU.
George's lawn mower.  No offense peeps, but this is best placement to date.
He also wrote the best post about a T! sticker on a lawn mower I've ever read!
Tedd gives T! some placement next to a Roughfisher.com sticker....excellent!
Matt aka fishingpoet tossed this T! on his kayak...and a fancy border around the photo to boot.  :)  
George from On The Fly affixed the T! to his boat.  Nice!
What's more American than a T! sticker on a Jeep?  Oh, well, got me beat this time.
Thanks for the pic Wayne!
CARP BITCHES!!!!!  The T! poppin' up next to Ty's bagged golden bone.  That's some Finewater indeed!
A little dark...but the T! making an appearance on the back of Tommy's laptop!
The T! is dominating Lake Champlain thanks to Jody!
Entry on to Mat's "Tailgate of Fame"...the honors get greater by the day!
Mr. YakDaddy Pro Staff Spurky sportin' the T! on his kayak
Lamson, Patagonia, T!...only the best for The River Damsel
D. Nash of My Leaky Waders tossed the T! on his Mac.  Appropriate for us bloggers don't ya think?
Owl Jones took his T! Angling across America...or at least to Yellowstone...
While JM from Something's Fishy evidently has has his T! for 5 years!
This one is from the infamous Cofisher of Windknots and Tangled Lines infamy...definitely enjoy the nice company.
This T! is affixed to George's fly box.
He was even kind enough to write a blog post about it on his blog WILD FLY 365.
Speaking of blog posts, Bruce at Outfitted for Life wrote one about his fondness for stickers too.
This T! happens to be on his mobile fly tying station.
Mark, a loyal (and local) Facebook fan threw the T! up on the back of his Ford pickup.
I just hope the Sirius dog doesn't have to go #2 anytime soon.   
Good ol' original blog buddy Mel from Ass Backwards Angler gave the T! honors not only once on his FishMobile...
...but his gear bag too.  (Hope there's a sandwich or something in there, I'm getting hungry)
Finally, Brookman Trout of A Greenhorn Anglers Fishing Blog added the T! to this existing menagerie...
...to which I'll show the full back of the car for full effect!

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