Advertising Policy

I blog as an outlet & escape from the day to day grind; fishing is merely another activity I enjoy and serves as a great backdrop and generator of content.  I didn't start blogging for the money or to accumulate free stuff, and that mindset has not changed.

That on the table, I would be lying if I told you that opportunities have not presented themselves - some taken advantage of, while others being politely declined.  As such, it's probably worth stating this blog's policies on both Advertising & Gear Reviews:


Ads (links or banner ads) can be purchased for this blog and are typically placed in the right sidebar, "below the fold."  All ads should be fishing (or blog content) relevant.  No online casinos, no pet food, no dating services, etc, etc...  Paid ads will not be presented as blog posts, guest or otherwise.  I can supply you with site statistics and rates upon request.

Note:  Not all ads on this blog are paid, most are actually are gratis based on relationships built over the years with the companies and their Principals.  Or I just really like their stuff.

Gear Reviews

Gear reviews are one of the best traffic generators for a blog and create great exposure for brands and their products, especially new releases.  As such, I have no issues in playing the role of guinea pig.  However free product in no shape or form equates to an automatic positive review.  If I do not enjoy or find value in a product that was provided at no cost, I typically will not write the review, rather provide the sender some constructive feedback based on my experience.  The internet is forever, I do not want to negatively impact their livelihood.

I typically only post reviews of products that I liked, or have continued to use following post the trial period.  Most reviews keep true to this blog's format and usually include pop culture references, bad Photoshop gags, or humorous YouTube videos.  This blog is for entertainment purposes, and if you don't have a sense of humor, we probably shouldn't work together.

Example of past Gear Reviews can be found HERE.

If you are a fellow blogger with more questions, or a manufacturer/retailer interested in information on how to work together, please feel free to contact me via email, my address lives HERE.