...most likely a waste of your time.

While mainly about (wishing I was) trout fishing in Pennsylvania (rather than sweating in Florida), don't be surprised to see other fishing musings reeled in from across the web, some logic dropping on pop-culture past & present, and most important updates on my daughter Lilly for the fam-at-large.

This is an environment for equal-opportunity angling, so lure chuckers, bait dunkers, and fly slingers are all welcome. Get over your stereotypes, fishing is supposed to be fun!

Me? I'm a Dad & husband first, an obsessive fisherman second. Doing my best to combine the three. (I love you Lilly & K.C!)  

I've fallen in love with small stream trout fishing, especially with a 3-weight fly outfit or a tenkara rod.

I read far too many fishing blogs, as evidenced by that monster blogroll at the right side of the page. Check those out sometime too, there are lots of talented writers out there.

Should you begin to follow this blog, in addition to all the fishing, you may also find a slant toward Philadelphia sports, Star Wars, Sasquatch, WWE, and other pop culture randomness. Just a warning.

If you've read this much, I'm glad you've stuck around this much and hope you enjoy the blog. If you do, feel free to comment on the posts --- we're friendly around here... sometimes.


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