January 4, 2022

Winter 2021-22 Issue of Tenkara Angler

You know, as much as I like blogging, I still really enjoy paging through a physical book or magazine. There's just something about having that tactile feedback as you progress through passage, picture, and paragraph. Plus, I've got these side tables next to my sofa that look good with a small pile of reading material spread across them.

It was probably this dysfunction that drew me to create my own magazine, Tenkara Angler, back in 2015. With the help of some really great artists and authors, we were able to put together quarterly issues of a print-on-demand physical magazine for almost 5 full years. 

While the process was rewarding, it was also challenging; the editing and laying out of each issue took a bit of a personal toll. In short, after 21 issues I was burned out, and in early 2020 I published the final "print" issue of Tenkara Angler. Opting instead to turn the brand into a more editor-friendly web-only blog

Or so I thought...

On this past December 22nd, I was excited to publish the Winter 2021-22 issue of Tenkara Angler magazine, 120 pages of community sourced articles, photography, and original art from more than 25 different contributors. It was the first issue in almost two years, and I'm thrilled that initial reader feedback has been positive to date. Why did I bring it back? Maybe because my side table looked empty.

Honestly, I just kinda missed the creative process of making things. Physical things. Tangible things.

I'm not sure why I'm posting about this here, and this doesn't mean there's going to be a consistent flow of future print issues. I guess I wanted to highlight the project for an audience that it doesn't usually reach on its own. Oh, and yeah, maybe to slightly (and hopefully not too narcissistically) toot my own horn just a little bit too.

Toot toot.


  1. I've always bought the print issue. My wife had a Kindle and now an iPad. She was always bugging me to read a book on her Kindle so I finally did. When I finished the book I went ahead and bought the print version. Nothing beats holding a book in your hands and turning the pages.

    1. Thanks Dave. And thanks for your article in this issue!