January 7, 2022

I Miss The Trout Underground

Back when I started fly fishing, there were a handful of blogs I really admired for different reasons. Some are still around, most are not. The Trout Underground might have been the best at the time, and served as a bit of inspiration back in the day.

Not only was it funny and well written, it was also relatable (the author Tom Chandler explored fatherhood firsts around the time I was doing the same), and had a conscience. Not afraid to poke the big business bear if it was doing something wrong, sometimes at his own risk. Oh, and the chronicles involving Wally the Wonderdog were very, very amusing.

When Tom got out of the fishing blogging game more than a few years back, this is what the URL became. The articles are still there if you look hard enough, but the soul is gone.

I sure hope Tom Chandler is out there somewhere enjoying fatherhood, writing, fiddling with the latest Ubuntu OS, and maybe even fly fishing. With the escalated craziness in the world the past few years, I'm sure he's had some opinions. If you know if he's sharing them somewhere in particular, I'd love it if you'd point me in the right direction. 

Man, I miss The Trout Underground...


  1. Couldn't agree with you more! The Trout Underground was an inspiration and constant source of amusement. I miss those blogging hay-days.

    1. Yes! I'm not sure if I miss the blogging, but I certainly miss some of the bloggers that have sort of faded into the ether. Makes me wish I told them how much I appreciated their work back then.

  2. Yeah... Tom was writing about my home waters, talking about places and people I knew. It was a good read and made me want to get into blogging. I know Tom a little and his wife more, all from lifetimes ago. I do miss it, but life moves on and live moves around and things change.