January 2, 2022

Bring on the New Year's Bluegill

Okay, let's get that first fish of 2022 out of the way...

A standard retention pond bluegill (actually more than a few) checked the box yesterday for the first of the New Year. Oh, and slightly larger than last year's Microbluegill™.

This catch was #nottenkara, rather muscled to hand with the Moonlit Lunar fiberglass rod, which happened to not be moon lit, but sunset lit.

Cue the obligatory New Year's pose... if there's a benefit to living in Florida, I guess it's the 80 degree January weather.


  1. Dave Rosset made a comment on your Facebook share about -6 feeling like -18. How can he tell the difference? My cousin lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and he says that -11 is a bit annoying. We're sitting at 30 this morning and that's annoying as it gets. FYI, I still haven't figured out how to comment on those Facebook shares. Probably never will. Happy New Year Mike and family.

    1. Beats me Mark, that's too cold for me, under any circumstances. Happy New Year to you too!