May 6, 2021

B-Side Fishing

Are you watching B-Side Fishing yet?

No... give it a go. Especially if you live in the Northeast. It's a lot of Dirty Jersey...

Plus, Joe & T! go way back... LOL.

Here's the YouTube channel, as well as two of my favorite episodes (so far).

So go grab a hoagie and binge... you're welcome.


  1. Hadn't seen them, that's great stuff. Also, Pickerel are so awesome and totally underrated! It's like Ladyfish down your way - total blast to catch and undervalued by fishermen it seems.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. That was a great episode. I love the guys presentation and how he keeps the video entertaning from beginning to end. Very good. I'd watch that on Netfix, Hulu or one of the other higher quality mediums. The quality was that good. Thanks for sharing I have never heard of this before.

  3. I have a feeling that this monster could make a drag on any fly reel sing!!! thanks for sharing

  4. Wow, great video of the Passaic and all the good a well run Fish Hatchery can do. I will have to go check it out myself, the boat ride looks like so much fun!