April 13, 2021

The Native Fish Coalition

Have I talked about the Native Fish Coalition here?

Honestly, I don't recall. The last year or so will do that to you. If I have, well... I'm going to again. And if I haven't, well... shame on me. Either way, let's make up for lost time.

There are a lot of conservation groups out there, both big and small. Most all of them do great work. You probably receive weekly mailings from several of them (ahem, TU), but the one I am really excited about is the Native Fish Coalition (NFC).

I'm a relatively new NFC member myself, joining last July, and just in that short time, they've gone from a few chapters dispersed throughout mostly New England, to now having seven state-based chapters, including as far south as Alabama. (Roll Tide & Redeyes!)

Now what sets the Native Fish Coalition apart from other groups to me is that the work is extremely relatable. Simply put (and to quote), they are "like-minded advocates who are committed to protecting, preserving, and restoring our wild native fish."

I dig wild, native fish.

This is also all grassroots work, being done by people like you and me. It's all in the name of keeping native fish populations where they belong, despite all of the pressures they face on a daily basis. And that doesn't just mean native game fish. Sure, brook trout rightly get a lot of love, they are gorgeous and threatened in much of their native range... but this group gives attention to all wild, native species, large and small, graceful and awkward.

But Why Now?

I bring this up now because in the most recent newsletter, (in addition to highlighting a Schuylkill River Cleanup by the Pennsylvania Chapter), there was a membership plea, which I'd like to pass along to my readers:

Native Fish Coalition Schuylkill River Clean Up
Image Courtesy NFC

"NFC offers memberships that acknowledge one's support for what we do. Membership is also a way for us to raise money for conservation initiatives. Most importantly, in some cases the size of an organization has a direct correlation with how it is viewed by the powers that be. 

Please consider joining NFC if you haven't already. For student, individual, family, and species annual memberships, and lifetime individual and family memberships, click here. For lifetime memberships with a Winston fly rod, click here. For lifetime memberships with a Winston fly rod and Bauer fly reel, click here.  For business memberships click here. And to join by PayPal, click here.       

If you renew a current membership or join NFC as a new member in April, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a Ranger Backcountry Tenkara Rod Starter Kit, compliments of our friends at Red Brook Tenkara.  A $140 value, the winner will be required to pay shipping only."

So check out what's going on at the Native Fish Coalition. Take a few minutes to click around their website. I think you'll find they're doing a lot of good things.

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