April 12, 2021

A Creative Writing Call to Action

It took a week or so, but all of the stuff sold! No longer having the need to have that little garage sale as the main post, I can get back to writing again. (Hooray?)

Bring on the Forced Creativity

I was thinking of focusing at least one post a month (and even that feels ambitious) to doing a little creative writing. Even though this blog has been around for what, like almost fourteen years, I've never really fancied myself much of a writer. My style is more blunt. More direct. And honestly, a lot of narcissitic rantings about me and what I'm up to. Not much waxing poetically or caring much for sentence structure.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what this creative writing will entail. Probably very short stories, mostly fiction, beats me... Maybe I'm just amped up from watching that Hemingway biography on PBS last week. Don't worry, I won't start going by "Papa".

So that's it, I'm going to give it a shot. I certainly have a few nice fishing trips lined up to (hopefully) add some fuel to the creative fire. With a trip to Western North Carolina this upcoming weekend, and a ramble to the Driftless Area of Wisconsin in May, fly fishing will certainly be on the brain (and Pfizer flowing through my veins).

Want to Play Along?

Back when outdoor blogging was more of a "thing", there were communities that used to toss out weekly or monthly creative prompts to try and stimulate both interaction and productivity.

So fancy yourself a writer? Have a blog? Or a notepad and pen? I'm certainly up for reading your original works too... assuming that's not already your style. So consider this a prompt to get in the game. Heck, start a free Blogger blog and spit out some otherwise hidden genius. Let me know the URL and I'll even link to it. 

I mean after a while, reading the typical fishing report gets a little stale, am I right? 

But hopefully I'll have a few of those to share as well.


  1. Replies
    1. Mike, your writing is one of the things pushing me into the deep end. Your spot is one of the few places in my fading blogroll where I can go to read things other than "I went to this river and caught this fish..." or "Here's the awesome new widget you don't really need from Brand X..." Examples of which I'm personally guilty of creating as well.

      I'd like to see more originality, or maybe just recalibrate toward those that already "do." If you have any suggestions, (be it on fellow authors to look up, or on writing itself), I'm all ears... or eyes.

      Plus, reviving some camaraderie on the blogs outside of the big social media platforms would be a nice byproduct of this exercise. Although likely a fools errand.

    2. I'm 100% in your court, my friend, and very experienced in fool's errands. I'm in. Thanks for the impetus, and kind words. Let's see what can be done.

    3. I just posed a bit after a little trip to Oregon and, yeah, I posted three stories about "I went to River X and did X." I mean... it is writing at least, right?

    4. Bjorn - I enjoyed your piece the other week about "no fish in that river." Quite a bit. I probably should have commented on your blog to let you know that. Dammit, opportunity missed.

      Need to catch up on the other trip reports. Despite what I wrote above, I do like reading those too.

    5. Inspiration! Thank you. Best wishes to you. I'm getting back to my pages too.

    6. Excellent Bob. Added you to my blogroll so I can follow along!

    7. Been there, done that on the creative writing for the Troutrageous world. You need to use your 5 year late gift as a photo header! ;-)

  2. I am in, I think...if I can figure out exactly what I need to do. Even if my brain can't figure it out, I am in, and hopefully it will give me some writing inspirations. I like writing stories, I try and there is a page on my blog dedicated specifically to that, but my "stories" seem to be fewer and farther between. Anyway, find me at www.texasfreshwaterflyfishing.com

    1. Oh, and I am glad to have found your blog!

    2. Awesome, added you to my blogroll. Perusing your site, it's quite rad. There's quite a bit of backreading now on my "to do list". A Rio & Guad have been on my bucket list for far too long. I really need to get down that way.

  3. Mike, I say go for it! What's that old Sammy Davis Jr song? "I gotta be me." I will be looking forward to reading what your creative juices brings forth.

  4. Hmmm, I've got a yarn or two that might prompt me back to the keyboard.