February 7, 2021

Meet-ing for Some Fly Tying

I'm a Sucker for the Google Ecosystem

I use a Pixel phone, own a Chromebook, this blog is written on Blogger, regularly waste too much time on YouTube, and pretty much any other app Google provides. Gmail, Drive, Photos, etc, etc... I'm sure Google knows more about me than I really care to know. They're probably shocked at how much fishing content I consume... both in English, and more recently due to my tenkara fetish, in Japanese as well, (thank you Google Translate).

Anyway, I hadn't been feeling very fishy lately. The last two weeks of January gnaw at me rather liberally each year, as my job is focused around sports, particularly the NFL. From the Conference Championships through Super Bowl Sunday I'm working almost 24-7, because... well... that's what I get paid to do. With those long work days I don't often carve out much time for myself, just to have fun. 

So when the opportunity presented itself to participate in a little virtual fly tying meetup with friends on the Saturday night before the Super Bowl, I jumped. I even volunteered to "host it" to give me the incentive not to bail and do work-related stuff instead. Was desperate for a little time to escape the Buccaneers & Chiefs. Enter yet another Google product, Google Meet.

It really doesn't matter what flies were tied, beverages consumed, or what sort of trash talking went on. Oh man, it felt really good to catch up with friends and be sorta "normal" again! Although true normal would certainly be holding this tying session at a campsite near a trout stream. Fingers crossed that can happen later this year!

Anyway, until then, maybe you're used to Zoom, Skype, WebEx, or something similar... If you're not happy with those products, maybe give Google Meet a try. It's not perfect, but it's fairly intuitive, simple, and for the most part free. So thank you Google for making yet another solid product to help support my fishing obsession. Maybe I'll "meet" up with some of you soon.


  1. Hey... Set up another tying night in March and I will join. I have another group that does this. I only stay on for a half hour, so you can have your guy talk. Haha.

    1. Sounds good RD - what we need to do is have an old time OBN get-together. Although I'd have no idea how to find 95% of those folks these days...

    2. I have Howard, Jay and Emily's info if you wanted to invite them.

    3. Hmmmm, there might be something to this...

  2. This is a great idea. My fly fishing club has been doing this since the pandemic started. It's great way to get people involved that are introverted.