February 19, 2021

Flyside Chatting

You may have recently seen me highlight Flyside Chats, a new video interview series by Anthony Naples. It's been great so far, with some really thought-provoking guests. I suppose Anthony either ran out of people to talk to, or just decided to lower the bar, because he asked me if I'd be interested in chatting. Being the vain, egomaniac I am, I took him up on the offer last week.

While I probably wasn't the most interesting guest, I tried to bring some energy (and a fun hat), and had an enjoyable session with Anthony. We talked a little about 2020, hopes for 2021, Florida and North Georgia, favorite flies, and musical preferences.

So if you're bored... and I mean really bored... feel free check it out here.

...and check out Anthony's blog Casting Around for a ton of fly fishiness and other installments of Flyside Chats (with far superior guests).


  1. I really enjoyed the chat. Im going to follow his blog. Can't wait to see what 2021 brings. Well... After April. Ha! I'm hoping you get out this way for some big rainbows...

    1. I'd like to Emily, that'd be fun! Hope you're feeling better and the thumb is on the mend.