February 15, 2021

Down the Greg Ovens Rabbit Hole

These Videos Are Strangely Addicting 

It was rainy in the Jacksonville area over the weekend. It was the kind of weekend where you generally just stay indoors, although K.C. and I did make a little trip to the new Tractor Supply Co. and Culver's locations on Saturday just to check them out. Bought some cheeseburgers and a bird bath, I'll let you figure out which came from where. 
Anyway, on Friday night I tapped into one of my saved movies on YouTube, The Mountain Men, starring Charlton Heston. It's campy, politically incorrect by today's standards, but also a classic. Not even close to being Jeremiah Johnson good, but I hadn't watched it in quite some time so it was worth dusting off.

I suppose based on that recommendation, when I was streaming YouTube later on Saturday I received the suggestion of these Ovens Rocky Mountain Bushcraft videos. This was the first entry I watched. Its got everything... fishing, bears, more fishing, more bears, and even some camp cooking... with liberal quantities of butter and aluminum foil.


And... umm... I couldn't stop. I totally binged these videos of Greg just doing random stuff in the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies. It's probably unfair to say the plots of these videos are random, as he does generally set out with a plan, but things tend to happen and they don't always work out as planned. Anyway, if you want to follow along, here are a few others about fishing, but most of them are more general outdoors in theme.


Finally, in reading the "About" on his YouTube channel, I also learned he was evidently on the History Channel's "Alone" series, so I'll have to see if I can find that on demand. Guess I'll be chasing the rabbit again next weekend too...


  1. Michael
    All good suggestions to kill the boredom of the winter months. Sorry to say we may never see movies like Jeremiah Johnson and the Mountain Men anymore.
    Freezing rain, low temps and pure cold will keep me watching some of my old westerns this week. Looking forward to Spring--thanks for sharing

    1. Yeah, I hear you Bill... enjoy the westerns. Good to avoid that freezing rain.

  2. Let's see, cheeseburger at Tractor Supply...I think not. At least the one here in Jackson doesn't have any. Culver's, sorry I have to support In-N-Out. I managed a Jeremiah Johnson DVD at Wally Mart for $5. Can't go wrong. Great flick.

    1. Love that movie Mark. Probably in my "Top 5", worst case 10.