February 13, 2021

D-Flex Triangular Fly Rods?

Now This Is Different...

I stumbled upon a few teaser videos for a triangular-shaped fly rod last night. Nope, not made of bamboo, rather graphite or some other modern material. It's going to be sold by D-Flex Fishing Rods sometime this year, with the first model being called the Hyperlite RLX.


If you're not interested in watching the videos, the construction evidently allows for a stiffer casting profile, but a softer fighting profile, all in the same rod. It also lets the rod be stronger and lighter in weight in comparison to similarly rated tubular "round" fly rods. I mean what's not to like? 

You can also read more here.

Appears there will be a Kickstarter shortly, I'll probably post again once it is live just because I'm interested in following this project. However, if you'd like to be notified to be among the first in line, there's a link to sign up for email alerts on their web page.

Thoughts, comments?