July 26, 2020

A General Update, As It's Been More Than A Month...

As you can probably tell by the silence here, I haven't done much fishing to really report on over the past few weeks... so it's been tough to come up with much inspiration for posts without regurgitating other people's content.

Unlike most other Floridians, (at least where I live), we've actually been abiding by the whole "shelter in place" guidelines since March. Sure, I go for walks around the neighborhood each night and we pickup takeout food once a week or so, but what I wouldn't give to have a nice sit-down meal with table service, a cold beer, and multiple televisions playing various sporting events in the background again... ah, the simple things.

However, I'm rather excited to report that the family & do I have a little 4 day, 3 night getaway scheduled for August. Our school district decided to delay the start of the school year, including distance learning, by three weeks, extending Lilly's summer. 

Check out the photos of this place, (the ladies in my life do not agree with "camping")..

Now I doubt with the summer heat that the trout fishing will be stellar, (and perhaps I should just go with the mindset of getting into some warm water species), but just a change of scenery near moving water will be more than welcomed. I'm probably the only guy in Florida who doesn't really get excited about the ocean and would rather be in the mountains any day of the week. Weird, I know.

Anyway, while I haven't been writing much personally here, I've been writing a bit more semi-professionally (and doing a ton of website administration) over at Tenkara Angler over the past two months. What started as a quirky, quarterly crowd-sourced e-magazine has kind of blown up into a team of three like-minded angler/editors, a content rich website, and a lot of interaction with and influence from the community.

If you haven't stopped by, here are some examples of a few of the more popular posts that have been written, either by myself, my partners Jason and Matt, or even reader-submissions. Most of it isn't even about "tenkara," it's more about fishing, friendship, and adventure, so I think you may enjoy it, even if tenkara isn't your thing.

Anyway, I've got a lot of fishing blogs to catch up reading... so if you've been writing, and you're in my blogroll, you'll probably see me in your comments soon.


  1. Yeh, I'd call that roughing it. BUT, if the ladies are happy......

    1. It's all about keeping the ladies happy while I'm off splashing around in that creek.

  2. Michael
    I'm in total agreement with you when it comes to an ocean or mountains, give me mountains any day. Enjoy the outing and comfort near a what looks like a mountain stream??? Glad you're back with us, thanks for sharing

  3. You aren't alone in loving mountains over oceans. Thats part of the many reasons we left Florida. As John Denver would say and I paraphrase for my own life," I was born in the Summer of my 37th year, coming home to a place I'd never been before." Colorado...what a place to be.

  4. Mike, I live 15 miles from the ocean....what I wouldn't give to be living back home in the Hudson Valley with small mountains, streams and the river around me. Weird to me is that there are people who would prefer the ocean to the mountains!

  5. Native Floridian here who loves the mountains. I am up there in my favorite spot as much as i can be.