March 12, 2020

We Caved to the Craziness

Philly trout trip... off.

I'm adopting this look moving forward:

Yesterday was just a crazy day.

I work in sports, so I see things through a distorted lens, but I've never witnessed a chain of events quite like this...

First the NBA announces games with no fans, then the NCAA pretty much squashes March Madness, then the Ivy League cancels spring sports (not to mention many schools go to virtual classes), oh yeah, then the NBA suspends the whole season when two teams are forced into quarantine, and I'm sure a ton of other things too that I've just overlooked...

I didn't even mention that the President closed the US borders to European flights... and Forrest Gump can now add COVID-19 to his long list of life experiences, and the stock market is in shambles. Yikes!

I like facts, and most say there's nothing to be concerned about if you're relatively young and healthy and hand-washy... but we're cancelling our flight to Philly. So highly likely no trout for me next week. At least we're not flying up there now. Even if we were not to get sick, I don't want to be more prone to spread anything to anyone that is.

Strange times to say the least... Pass the Jack Daniel's... with a side of Purell.


  1. Good choice. Frankly, if everyone just sucked it up and we figured out how to shut down most things for 2 weeks, we'd have a shot at getting on top of this or at least slowing down things so we can manage it better. And while you are fairly young, as you noted, you could end up with it landing on others from you or being quarantined in PA etc. Stinks, but smart.

    It's wild to live through times like this.

    On a positive, fishing is open air and thus, safe to do so long as any buddies stay 6 feet or so away :)

    Stay well

  2. Canceled our trip to Iceland. Luckily I live within 2 hours of good trout fishing in 3 states. Location, location location.

  3. NCAA was scheduled to play at Golden One Center. Cancelled period. I went out to the lake yesterday. Only one other person and 100 yards away. Crazy times and they say it's only going to get worse.

  4. Caution is good...panic is stupid.

  5. Michael
    A good time to hit your local waters and enjoy the closest of home----we may be in for a long run with this, especially if the vaccine isn't available soon. Hope you guys don't get it---thanks for sharing