January 28, 2020

Tenkara Tuesday: Tenkara Angler Magazine Winter 2019-20

Man... I haven't fished or blogged or done anything remotely close in a while. I think this is my first post of 2020. Yikes!

Well, I still don't have too much to write, but I thought I'd re-emerge from a blog slumber to announce the Winter 2019-20 issue of Tenkara Angler is finally live!

I have to admit, real world work just kicked my butt in December and January, and I just didn’t have the time to crank out the issue in my spare time as planned… however… I think you’ll like what you find inside now that it has arrived.

This issue is a bit smaller than most, but the articles are well-written and definitely worth the read. Written contributors include David West Beale, Jonathan Antunez, Morgan Lyle, Diane Kelly-Riley, Nick Pavlovski, Jack Harford, Bill Holleran, and Karin Miller. Not to mention the now regular Reader Photos section with some great snapshots of on-stream action.

As usual, the Winter issue will be available as an e-magazine over at Issuu, HERE.

And also available for sale as a physical magazine and PDF download in the Blurb bookstore, HERE



  1. Great issue Michael. See you in May.

  2. Hi friend! Hope to see a fishing trip from you soon... Spring is around the corner!