December 1, 2019

Best of Tenkara Angler: Kebari & Fly Tying Mashup Issue

I've been looking at my fly boxes recently and they're an absolute mess. Lots of missing slots, chewed up, messy hackled flies, no order whatsoever, just general disarray. However before I started tying and organizing, I figured I'd take a peek at some back issues of Tenkara Angler magazine for inspiration.

In doing so, I thought it might be a good idea to pull all of the fly-themed articles into one Best of Tenkara Angler: Kebari & Fly Tying Mashup issue so everybody else could have the same information at their fingertips as well!

What resulted was an issue with 32 individual entries that re-visit interviews, fly tying recipes, fly swap photos, in-stream techniques, and more from the past four years of Tenkara Angler, in a consolidated 90+ page installment.

It certainly was a blast to read articles from a lot of great fly tyers and anglers, including, but not limited to: Robb Chunco, "Kiwi" Kuhlow, Chris Zimmer, Dr. Tom Davis, Anthony Naples, Jim Wright, Adam Rieger, Jason Sparks, Bart Lombardo, Rob Gonzalez, Michael McFarland, Stephen Myers, Jayson Singe, Sam Larson, Mark White, Kengo Shintaku, and Chris Stewart.

2019-11-30 23_48_40-Issuu - Publication

Tenkara Angler is best viewed (for free) through the Issuu e-reader or app. However, physical print copies or PDF downloads can be purchased at Blurb.

One minor disclaimer, this issue consists of articles literally “ripped” from prior issues of Tenkara Angler, so it’s a bit less refined than a normal issue of the magazine. (Examples being the absence of a “From the Editor” section, the page numbers at the bottom of each page make absolutely no sense at all and, inconsistent fonts throughout).

I hope you enjoy the kebari and fly tying mashup issue of Tenkara Angler...even if you're not a tenkara fly fisherperson. All patterns are equally effective with a rod and reel as well.

Well, talk again soon... I'm hitting the vise!

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  1. I was going to say that winter is great for re-doing the fly boxes. But, I guess that you aren't that cold down there in Florida! Haha. Hope you and the family had a great holiday season.