September 23, 2019

September 2019 Tenkara Garage Sale

Doing a little housecleaning, thought I'd post up a few tenkara rods for sale, as I'm trying to thin my collection a bit. I've just realized that there are certain rods I just don't use much (or at all) anymore. That's not fair to the rods, they were made to be fished!

If you're in the market, most of these are is really good shape (only fished a few times), so a deal could be had, be it for a primary, backup, or loaner rod.

SOLD - Tenkara USA Sato 3-Way Zoom Tenkara Rod (MSRP $250)
Like new, Tenkara USA Sato with updated cosmetics; this rod only used a few times. VERY clean rod, even has both tip caps. Includes stretchy rod sock and hard tube.

SOLD - NIRVANA 400 13' Tenkara Rod (MSRP $179.99)
Like new, excellent 400 class rod, used a half dozen times. VERY clean rod, rod when bought brand new does not come with a tip plug, so universal tip cap included. Also includes stretchy rod sock and hard tube.

SOLD - Tenkara USA Rhodo 3-Way Zoom Tenkara Rod (MSRP $250)
Used, but well maintained first generation Tenkara USA Rhodo. Rod shows wear from 5 years of use in small mountain streams. Includes rod sock and hard tube.

SOLD - Badger Tenkara Rocky Creek Special 8'6" Tenkara Rod (MSRP $100)
Small stream rod, only 8'6". Perfect for getting in those tight spots. Used twice, very clean rod and foam handle. Includes rod sock and hard tube. A cousin to the popular Badger Tenkara U.N.C. rod.

Should any of that strike your fancy, check out the T! Store HERE for simple credit card transactions, and don't worry, I don't see your number, it's processed through Square, a prominent 3rd party credit card processor.

Heck, even feel free to pop me an email HERE for more information on any of the items, or if you'd prefer to pay for something in a different fashion, such as PayPal.

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