July 1, 2019

North Georgia Rainbows

Made a quick run up to a familiar spot in north Georgia on Friday night after work... I wanted to chase some wild rainbows on Saturday... and fortunately, I found more than a few.

Will probably be my last trout-based fishing outing until the Tenkara Summit in Colorado at the end of July, but spending an early summer day hopping rocks and wet wading in the cool water protected by the overhead canopy... well, it was definitely worth the drive and should (hopefully) be enough to hold me over until the end of the month.


Kicking back and taking a break.
Neoprene spats came in handy while bouncing around rocks.

  • Rod: Oni Type III 340
  • Line: Dragontail 3.0 level line, 12'
  • Tippet: Orvis Super Strong Mono 5x
  • Fly: White stiff hackle, orange thread body, beadhead kebari
  • Techniques: Upstream Sasoi, Yokobiki


  1. One day I may again be able to rock hop. In the mean time I'll just follow your adventures.

  2. Awesome. Thanks for the pics and post. Beautiful photos Mike. This is owl

    1. Thanks Owl. If you ever want to fish again, just let me know. Not sure if that's your thing these days.

  3. Tip of the hat Mike.
    That's some beautiful country there.
    One day perhaps.

  4. Mike
    I wish I had fished some of the streams I had access to near Ellijay when we live there. In fact there was little time, because we only lived there a little over 4 months back in the late 80's. My wife hated the place, too isolated for her.
    Glad you was able to get back and fish some of those forgotten streams in the state. By the way"the forgotten streams" is what the individuals who lived in Ellijay called the trout streams there. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yeah, this is a stone's throw from Ellijay. Those forgotten streams are wonderful.