April 29, 2019

History of Brown Trout in New Zealand

Sight fishing for huge browns in New Zealand's gorgeous landscapes and crystal clear waters. Monster takes, BIGGER fish. It's the stuff dreams are made of... at least the dreams of anybody who's even somewhat familiar with the prolific fishery.

But did you know those browns (much like in the United States) don't really belong there? Nope, they were introduced by settlers a little over 150 years ago... Want to learn more? Well, then I'd highly recommend the recent "Anchored with April Vokey" podcasts where she sits down and speaks with Jack Kos, a New Zealand angler who studied the subject for his PhD thesis and gives a relatively deep dive into the brown trout's rich Kiwi history.

Or even better, especially if podcasts aren't your thing... check out this 20 minute video. It was also written by Jack and maintains much of the same story and theme.

Now that's the way to start the work week, am I right?


  1. Replies
    1. Yes sir! Think I'd leave my tenkara rods at home if I made that trip... (OK, maybe I'd bring one).

  2. Gonna pass on this one. I only have Tenkara rods.