March 7, 2019

Night at the Vise

Tied a few flies last night. First time at the vise in a while. These aren't even for me, they're for an upcoming fly swap. I like tying flies similar to these for probing pocket water in search of eager brook trout. With a touch of floatant, these stiff hackles are great dries, but soak them good in the stream and they play the role of sub-surface wet fly more than adequately. The fish usually enjoy them, but wild brookies usually aren't too selective. I hope the recipients of the swap aren't discriminant either.


  1. Replies
    1. Nope, no name. We can call them Mitch if you'd like.

  2. Nah... Daisy... They sort of look like daisy's blooming. And they look like fish would annihilate them! Nice! Have fun getting them wet!

  3. Michael
    Like the design, especially the yellow thread neck---what size are they? Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Bill, these are tied on size 12 scud hooks (Firehole Sticks).