March 25, 2019

It's Trout Time, Both Near & Far

It's trout time across the land... Huzzah!

With all my early-year work and family obligations (more on the latter later this week) somewhat completed, fishing is finally on the mind in a MAJOR way.

Between planning a mini trout trip for this upcoming weekend, tying flies to refill the fly box, editing up the latest issue of Tenkara Angler, playing "swap master" for Facebook fly swap, doing casting practice in the backyard (thanks to an extra hour of sunlight), and just consuming pretty much anything cold water and trout that's out there, I'm definitely shifted out of park and into drive.

In all that consumption, I was really stoked to see Chris, an online buddy currently halfway across the world in South Korea, having his own personal success chasing native cherry trout with spinning tackle. He posted some great photos to his social media over the weekend (Instagram: @chrislynch.jpg), and he's letting me share them here.

Man, Mother Nature just doesn't preside over very many fish prettier than that...
South Korea, who knew? Thanks for sharing Chris!


  1. Really, who knew. We're not quite there out West. Last Saturday in April the streams open. Then there is all that snow upcountry.

    1. Sorry Mark, probably got a little ahead of myself. I've just seen so much "opening day" chatter abound on social the past two weeks or so, figured everybody was getting ready...

      I'm sure all that snow is certainly a good thing for later in the season.

  2. Michael
    Amazing markings on that trout!!!! thanks for sharing