February 5, 2019

Video: The Great Shaku Hunter

This video has been making the rounds on social media over the last week, but I thought it would be an absolute shame if I didn't share it here as well.

The Great Shaku Hunter, a 20 minute watch from Rolf Nylinder is absolutely stellar. (And if you can stream it to a full-sized screen, do yourself a favor and enjoy it in that fashion).

Forget the fact that I enjoy tenkara which is of Japanese origin, this video has zero tenkara in it, rather focuses on a small group of Japanese fly anglers who target native trout, the iwana & yamame, in excess of 30.3cm... or "shaku" sized.

It's much more than that though, I'd highly recommend you carve out some time and give it a watch. Superior storytelling is so rare in the world of fly fishing films these days, and this video combines a compelling narrative with beautiful camerawork extremely well.

In addition, there's much more to be learned about Shaku Hunters HERE.

Image: Shaku-Hunter.com


  1. Nice. Went well with my coffee this morning.

  2. ha. "we were not americans. we were not going to throw a streamer in that small stream." I love rolf.