February 24, 2019

Florida: Where The Winter Weather Doesn't Suck, But The Neighborhood Fishing Can Sometimes Be Questionable

Hit one of the neighborhood ponds yesterday morning. Broke out the Fenwick 5-weight and Pflueger Medalist reel and hopped on the bike hoping to get into a nice bass or two.

The weather was pretty glorious in the AM, apologies to rest of the country that is still dealing with the winter blues.

Now, I haven't really done any fishing yet this year. I went out briefly on New Year's, but didn't catch anything. So while I normally wouldn't take a photo of a dinky bream, this little one was actually my first fish of 2019. Man, it makes that small BoogleBug popper look huge.

I'll have to double check and see if February 23rd is the latest I've gone into the year before catching my first fish.

From there, the fishing was pretty slow. Unfortunately, I didn't get my first bass of the year. Instead, I caught a few more bluegill, and a mess of little crappie.

Those are crappie, albeit tiny ones, right? In the almost six years I've lived down here, I've never pulled one of these suckers from any of the neighborhood ponds. Caught a half dozen today. So that was a first, I guess...

I happened to like this photo of a different fish, because I unintentionally aligned the fountain feature in the pond with the top of its head, kind of makes it look like a whale spouting water. LOL.

Anyway, that was my Saturday morning. Messing around with panfish on a 5-weight, which honestly hardly bent under their extreme pulling power. 

Whatever... I was wearing shorts & a t-shirt in February. Still beats being stuck in the cold.


  1. Fine, rub it in. Even in Nor Cal we're freezing our b.... off. I know for those in the Mid-West 30 to 50 degree days aren't bad and they'd probably rejoice with that weather, but we're accustom to 60's and above. That's OK though Mike, we still like you.

    1. Sorry Mark. Didn't really mean to rub it in (too much...)

  2. Mike
    When we lived in Tennessee I use to land that size bluegill on the fly. I was using a 4/5 wt which was a bit overkill. To match the small bluegill with my tackle I went with a 2 wt. Even those small gills were a hoot using the 2 wt. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yeah, if I'm not using a tenkara rod in one of those ponds, I usually fish a 3 weight, or a 4 weight fiberglass rod, which are all a blast on panfish and the occasional bass. I was really hoping to get into a larger bass. They're in there.