February 20, 2019

Exploring Florida: Bass Pro Pit Stop

Thought I'd post some photos from the Daytona Bass Pro Shops Outpost location. I was down at the speedway last Saturday doing a little work... and couldn't help but pop my head in the BPS across the street on the way out of town.

And just as you might expect, some NASCAR legends were represented...


  1. Pretty cool that they have a redfish in a tank! And that catfish wearing Nikes! nice. :) Hope you and the family are well my friend. ( this is owl)

    1. LOL, you noticed my Air Force Ones in the reflection. Took me a sec to figure that out. :)
      All's well down here in Florida, just waiting for the "warm" to stabilize. Looks like you've got your hands full these days with the new doggo!