January 22, 2019

Fly Fishing In Slovenia

I love travel and destination fly fishing. 

You may recall last year I posted about a guide service in the Pyrenees (Spain). Heck, one of my readers even took them up on a guided outing! Recently, I was contacted by Aitor Serrano, a guide from Slovenia to share some information about his home waters. After seeing what Slovenia has to offer, I couldn't help but allow him to post about his country and services as well. The following is in his words...

Fly Fishing in Slovenia
Marble trout, grayling, and emerald waters on the sunny side of the Julian Alps

We at Alps Fly Fish would like to introduce you to the fishing fly fishing destination of Slovenia.

Slovenia is a small European country located between Italy, Croatia, and Austria. It is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and at the foot of the Alps. Slovenia is a country formed from the former Yugoslavia and is currently modernized in its entirety. Our alpine country has the largest population of brown bear in Europe, beautiful national parks such as Triglav, and pretty turquoise-blue rivers such as the Soča River.

Slovenia, together with the Spanish Pyrenees, are considered the two most beautiful and spectacular destinations in Europe to practice fly fishing.

The three great treasures of Slovenia are:

Rivers with Emerald Waters

Slovenia, despite its small size, has many rivers in a very small radius of action: mountain streams with small, wild marble trout, medium rivers with large rainbow and brown trout, chalk streams in the plains with exceptional populations of grayling and where we can find incredible mayfly hatches…

Perhaps the most beautiful river is the Soča, with its famous emerald waters:

Marble Trout

The marble trout (or marble fish) is a kind of brown trout who lives in the basin of Adriatic sea.

It is characterized by its tabby color, aggressiveness, and by being able to reach sizes greater than one meter in length. Sometimes they have side stripes very similar to those of the zebra trout.

The big marmorata trout feed on small fish. The best time to fish them are April and May when they are caught using streamers in the big rivers.

Adriatic Grayling and Hucho

The grayling is a fish that is characterized by its large dorsal fin and small mouth. Dry fly fishing for graying is very fun. It is a fish that serves as food to the Salmon del Danubio or Hucho which is a fish very similar to the Taimen of Mongolia that sometimes exceeds the length of 1.5 meters. The hucho are caught at the end of autumn and winter.

Slovenia, Fishing, and Much More...

In Slovenia, non-fishing companions can also enjoy a multitude of activities such as visits to castles, horseback riding, guided tours through wine cellars, or hiking in National Parks...

Our operations center is located in the Valley of the Soča River, where Ernest Hemingway's novel "A Farewell to Arms" was centered. It was based on Hemingway's experiences as an ambulance driver in the first World War.

Fishing Guides in Slovenia

We hope you enjoyed this article and would like to thank Michael Agneta for giving us the opportunity to tell the readers of the United States more about our fly fishing guide service in the destination of Slovenia.

If you are interested in taking a fishing trip to Slovenia, do not hesitate to write us at info@alpsflyfish.com and/or visit our website alpsflyfish.com.

Aitor Serrano


  1. Rainbow trout? Can you explain that?

    1. Is that a question for me or the guide?
      Rainbow trout are everywhere...

      Per Wikipedia:
      "Wild-caught and hatchery-reared forms of this species have been transplanted and introduced for food or sport in at least 45 countries and every continent except Antarctica."

      I'm certain Slovenia is no exception.

    2. Hello John

      As Michael says, rainbow trout is found almost everywhere in the world.

      It is an easy breeding species (much more than brown trout or marble trout), which is why it has been exported in many countries for human consumption and consequently to repopulate rivers for sport fishing.

      In Slovenia it was introduced over the years 60s, and is currently raised by fisher families to repopulate the rivers.

  2. Damn you Michael Agneta. LOL. Actually was on our radar for 2020.

    1. Hahahahaha... I was thinking of you as I was putting this post together wondering how soon I'd see photos of you fishing over there!