November 10, 2018

Pacific Rivers "Free Flow" Newsletter

Did you think you were going to read something informative written by me? Don't be silly...

But what you should be is curious enough to click on the link HERE, or the photo below and check out the Pacific Rivers "Free Flow" newsletter, in an e-reader format.

If you're not familiar with Pacific Rivers, they are an organization whose mission is to "protect and restore the watershed ecosystems of the West to ensure river health, biodiversity, and clean water for present and future generations."

Sounds good right?

The newsletter runs about 14 pages long and gives a quick overview of some water management concerns and projects taking place out West. I happened to get turned on to the group via the film, "A Rivers Last Chance," which is also referenced in this magazine. (It's no coincidence that Shane Anderson, the Director & Producer of that film is also the Communications Director for Pacific Rivers.)

Anyway, enjoy the light read about some heavy issues. It's meant to inform, educate, and inspire. Not be a drag on your Saturday.

Oh, and while you're over at that Issuu site, you may want to check THIS out too...

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