November 4, 2018

November 2018 Garage Sale

The last time we had a gear garage sale on Troutrageous! it went pretty well. Sold a few items in a few days, and never heard anything negative from the folks who ended up making the purchases. Assume it was a "win-win" all around.

With that in mind, I'm once again cleaning out the fishing room and decided to put a few more things up for sale. I listed about a dozen items in a Facebook group on Saturday and was able to move a few within a few hours. With that flurry over, I figured I'd take the time to put the balance up here, and make available in the T! Store.

SOLD - Tenkara USA Ayu II 390 6:4 Tenkara Rod (MSRP $125)

SOLD - Badger Tenkara WISCO 13' 6" 7:3 Fixed Line Fishing Rod (MSRP $140)

SOLD - Tenkara Times TRY 360 6:4 Tenkara Rod (MSRP $140)

SOLD - Vedavoo Saddle Pack Fishing Sling (MSRP $99)

SOLD - New Zealand Strike Indicator Kit (MSRP $30)

And that's just what I have photographed and up in the store.

I also have a few other things set aside for sale, including a Garmin eTrex 20 personal GPS, Tanuki Rod Sling & Rod Sock, LL Bean Kennebec BOA Wading Boots (Size 11), Cabela's Three Forks Insulated Lug-Sole Chest Waders (Size 11), Winn Fishing Grips for all sorts of rod builds, Ozark Trail waterproof smartphone pouch, and a Mosquito Coil with 2 refills.

Should any of that strike your fancy, check out the T! Store HERE for simple credit card transactions, and don't worry, I don't see your number, it's processed through Square, a prominent 3rd party credit card processor.

Heck, even feel free to pop me an email HERE for more information on any of the items, including those not yet posted for sale, or if you'd prefer to pay for something in a different fashion, such as PayPal.

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