October 30, 2018

Tenkara Tuesday: A Great Deal on Badger Tenkara Rods

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday...

It's been a little bit since last I posted an official Tenkara Tuesday entry. I was compelled to do so today because a really good limited time offer is coming to an end, and I didn't want to let the window pass before letting my readers know.

Badger Tenkara is currently running a "factory direct" bulk purchase of their Classic & UNC rods at a significant retail discount. Much like a Kickstarter, it's an all or nothing sort of deal where should they hit the specific dollar goal in rod sales ($5,000) they'll place a bulk buy with the factory and pass along significant savings to their backers. That means you'll be able to get one of their rods (typically MSRP of $100 or greater) for $65, a pretty sweet price.

Here's the LINK to check the deal & details out.

As of the time of posting, there are only around two days left to get in on the bulk buy... so consider this last call.

Note: While I'm friendly with the Badger Tenkara guys, I've never fished either of these rods, so I don't want it to seem as if I might steer you wrong. Many folks have fished these rods and seem extremely pleased. A quick google search of "Badger Tenkara Rod Review" will turn up many positive reviews.


  1. Michael
    Like the price, but it is too long for me----thanks for sharing

    1. The rod is too long? Or the wait to get it is too long? The average tenkara rod is 12' long, so these are actually shorter than average. The long length is a positive when it comes to tenkara, helps keep the line off the water and maintain a reasonable reach for distance.