October 8, 2018

Spain, A Fly Fishing Paradise: Part II

The picture below is of Dave Noll... He's one of the friends I've made over the years through tenkara fishing. We've run into each other a handful of times at some of the various tenkara events I've been to, shared a meal or two, and have been known to converse via social media. He's a good guy and avid angler & traveler, but the interesting thing about the photo below is that it is not one taken in the American West.

Back in January, I published a brief post about fly fishing in Spain. The photos and content were provided by the guys at Pyrenees Fly Fishing, and to be totally honest, it was sort of an infomercial for them. That said, the content was interesting, the photos were great, and it was a pretty popular post at the time in terms of website traffic.

One of those visitors was Dave, who made what seemed like an innocent comment:

I mean people do that all the time. You write a post about something, and if they're your friends, they'll usually comment positively, if only out of courtesy.

Well, guess what... Dave recently got back from Spain where he actually did spend two days fishing with Alejandro, a guide from Pyrenees Fly Fishing! Not only that, but he also used a tenkara rod as well, so that's a double dip of rad.

Dave shared some photos of his adventure via email and is allowing me to share them here. I hope you enjoy!

Roman bridge

Lamb ribs for lunch

Zebra trout

Alejandro in front of Mount Escarra

Dave & Alejandro

Man, it doesn't get much better than that!

So to close this post, I guess I'll do it much in the same fashion I did the first. If you're like Dave and are now interested in checking out the fishing opportunities in Spain with Pyrenees Fly Fishing, feel free to send Ricardo Madeira at pyreneesflyfishing@gmail.com a note. Tell him Troutrageous Mike (& Tenkara Dave Noll) sent you...

(I need to start asking these guys for a referral fee... ha!)


  1. No referral fee, but I will buy you dinner the next time we see each other.

    1. Ha, you don't owe me anything... those guys over in Spain though... :)

    2. David, I received your email with all the pictures and MAN AM I JEALOUS! It looks like you had a fantastic time! We missed you at the Oni school though.

    3. Hopefully next year. So little time and so much water.

    4. Tom, Loved the TB36 with dry flies. It id really sweet>

  2. Perfect looking trout water and proven so. Pretty nice.

    1. You ain't kidding... I really want to go there...