August 10, 2018

IF4 Hits Jacksonville in September

Huh? Who knew...

The IF4 thing is coming to town at the University of North Florida on Friday, September 7th, hosted by Blackfly Outfitters & benefitting

Used to go to these (& F3Ts) back when I used to live up north. They were pretty frequent and didn't require multiple hour drives to get to (seems like everything is either in Orlando, Tampa, or Atlanta down here). Pretty psyched about this one being so close, haven't been in a while.

Looks like Blackfly is using it as the lead-in to their annual Floodtide Festival the following day, (which I also haven't attended in a few years).

Need to get my butt back into gear, right?


  1. Yes Mike you must get your butt back in gear.
    I love the shows...

    1. Me too. Excited to see them again. Might actually inspire this trout guy buttoned up on a redfish or something...

  2. Michael
    The closest I can get to a fly fishing show here in Alabama is our local trout club, enjoy the show not only for yourself but for me too. Thanks for sharing