August 31, 2018

Headed North (Carolina)

I know it's a holiday weekend.
I know everybody's gonna be crawling around the mountains.
I don't care.
I need a small stream trout fix.

Or at least a taste of the sorts of places where mountain trout live.

Headed to North Carolina this weekend. The folks on Facebook suggested Brevard, so that's where it's gonna be. I don't mind crowdsourcing things.

Wish me luck. The weather looks a bit iffy, but I'm doing it anyway. Six and a half hour drive be damned. If the water is a mess, there's always trails to hike and sights to see...

The family is headed to Disney instead.
Pavement, pavement, everywhere.
Oppressive heat.
A similar threat of rain.
And worse crowds.

I love my girls but...
I'll risk the mountains.


  1. You're a brave man Mike Agneta. We're home and we're staying there.

    1. Ha, my wife is braver for dealing with those Disney crowds. Enjoy the weekend Mark!

  2. Michael
    What a way to break in fall fishing, beautiful scenery, crystal clear streams and awesome hiking, give me the mountains anytime!!! Good luck and don't fall on those slippery rocks

    1. Only slipped once. No broken bones. I consider it a win!