July 9, 2018

Recapping An Unusual Weekend...

Had a weird 4th of July week/weekend...

We started with the pre-requisite neighborhood fireworks (that never photograph worth a crap). Much like everything else, Fireworks are legal in Florida so my neighbors do it up every year. It was pretty much this sight in any direction you looked. I value my fingers, so I'm happy just watching.

Tried a little fishing, but the rain foiled my plans. Went out locally (instead of the beach with the fly rod) due to some rainstorms on the radar. I still got soaked from head to toe by a sudden downpour... Guess one to hand is better than none to hand...

Did I mention we ended up in the ER on Friday night? Not me, my wife. She's okay, nothing life-threatening, but the aftermath kept us more or less in the house the rest of the weekend. I'm certainly not complaining, just very unexpected.

Oh, the folks in the room before us left this cartoon on the whiteboard. Looks like Street Fighter to me... Hadouken!

So hanging out in the house most of Saturday & Sunday, I did get to watch this YETI/catfishing video. F'n A that looks like crazy fun. Say what you will about their coolers and cups, YETI makes some captivatingly cool videos...

Closed out the weekend with a nice walk around the neighborhood on Sunday night (after yet another downpour). I was greeted by this...

So that was rad. Not as many fish as I had hoped for when I wrote last Monday's post, but I'll take it. I'm locked in the next two or three days as I'm off to Philly, then Atlanta for business. Downloaded two audiobooks for the travels. The first, I never read... the other, I started the physical book about 5 years ago but never finished. I'm excited about tackling both for different reasons.

Bring on the work week...


  1. Thumbs up Mike......love that rainbow.

  2. Michael
    Noodling is something my Dad did back in the day---back then they called it grabbing ----have a safe trip shame
    you want have time while in Georgia to wet a fly north of Atlanta---thanks for sharing

    1. Yep, no downtime for me in these travels... It's all good though.

      Something is probably odd that I'd like to try noodling one of these days...

  3. I do miss those little neighborhood ponds. Out here the only ponds you find need permission from the owner IF you can find them. In Amador County (where I live) land doesn't need to be posted "No trespassing". The whole county is that way.

  4. Yikes! There's a few no trespassing signs, but not enough to ruin your morning. A nice perk I suppose...

  5. Michael
    Don't know why comment showed up as unknown----could be I'm still using Internet Explorer, got to make a change