July 2, 2018

Monday Morning Musings

Man, I've been out of the fishing groove as of late. I've been reading books & blogs, listening to podcasts, all kinds of stuff like that, but just haven't really gotten out to the water, save a few stolen hours here and there in the neighborhood, and a very little bit of (unsuccessful) flailing in the surf with the fly rod in the Outer Banks.

That said, hoping to reverse that curse a bit over the next few weekends (maybe even a little on the 4th of July). We'll see...

Speaking on podcasts, one I'd highly recommend you listen to if you have the time (it's about 30 minutes) is the latest one from The Drake. It travels with Zach Matthews (of The Itinerant Angler) to north Georgia in search of trophy trout. How one interprets the word "trophy" may foreshadow how much they'll enjoy the podcast, but I thought it was a really good listen.

Let's just say I'm on team small & native.

Anyway, going to try and catch up on some overdue blog posts this week... including a photo dump from the Outer Banks, a "Tenkara Tuesday," possibly a book review, and hopefully at least one fishing trip report. Talk soon!


Fishing Fitness Footnotes:
Date: 7/1/2018
Current weight: 200 lbs ( -16 since start), first milestone hit - on to 190!
Current waist size: Size 36 jeans/shorts (Orig. 38)
Today: 13-mile bike ride in the AM before it got too hot
Misc: Did a 6-mile walk last week in OBX in like 95-degree heat - I'm an idiot!


  1. Mike great work on the diet/fitness program..keep it going.
    I love that "trophy" in the hand.
    Happy 4th.

    1. Thanks it's appreciated. I look forward to my evening walks & weekend bike rides. Do miss all the pizza.

      Happy 4th to you as well!

  2. I commend you on your weight loss. Back in the day, when I was your age, I tried every know way to reduce weight. I even tried the Diet Pepsi diet. That is nothing but Diet Pepsi for about two weeks or until you couldn't think straight and I never got below 200. So, keep up the good work.

  3. Michael
    Stay with the fitness program, you won't regret it as you get older. Just wondering if North Georgia is the Ellijay area, which has some great fishing streams, some are private. The wife and I use to live there over 30 years ago. I was fishing then but not doing the fly fishing thing. I was chasing the big bass using the bait casting reels and large top water lures----oh how times change in our lives. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes, when I go fishing in North Georgia I'm not that far away. I use Dahlonega, GA as base camp and then go out into the mountains from there. Always see the road signs for Ellijay, not that far away at all. The podcast mentioned went to the Helen, GA area.

      It's the closest mountain trout fishing to me, need to get back there soon.