July 26, 2018

FREESKIER Magazine's Summer Adventure Series, Volume 1

Watched this last night. The first of a four-part series of things the FREESKIER Magazine crew is doing in the mountains during their offseason. I really dig the concept of a publication leaving it's niche to expand the horizons of its readers toward other outdoor pursuits.

Image: FREESKIER.com

"As spring gives way to summer and the winter snowpack slowly trickles into nearby streams, our time in the mountains shifts focus to new activities. Each day brings with it the opportunity to revel in the glory of a favorite summer pastime, or better yet, step out of the comfort zone and try something entirely different. FREESKIER’s Summer Adventure Series is a tribute to those summer days in the mountains."

Anyway, take a peek at Volume I, it features some great fly fishing footage from the Fryingpan River Basin in Colorado...


  1. Michael
    Awesome video, a great way to start the day!!! Thanks for sharing

    1. No problem, I'm glad you liked it. Was surprised to find it where I did.