June 15, 2018

Finding Joe Brooks

Hey, just a heads up... looks like there's going to be a pretty rad documentary on this weekend on several of the "outdoorsy" cable channels.

For those of you unfamiliar, Joe Brooks played an instrumental role in developing fly fishing across the globe through his travels, writing, and television work. His footprint on the sport of fly fishing is huge, and the depth to his character is even greater.

If you happen to receive these channels, the broadcast times are as follows:

Friday, June 15   –   8pm EST

Friday, June 15 – 10pm EST
Saturday, June 16  –  4pm EST
Sunday, June 17 – 10am EST

Saturday, June 16  – 7:30pm EST

Joe Brooks (right) & Jimmy Albright - photo: joebrooksdocumentary.com

I happen to love history documentaries... so to mix in a little fly fishing, well, let's just say I'll be watching (and setting my DVR). You may like to as well. It'll also be nice to see some additional footage from Lefty Kreh, who served as an Ambassador to this film.

If you'd like to learn a little extra on Joe Brooks and the story behind making this film, you can check out www.joebrooksdocumentary.com or take in the latest April Vokey "Anchored" podcast featuring Joe Brooks, grand-nephew of the subject of the project.

Or even better, consider a donation to the Joe Brooks Foundation for Conservation and Outdoor Education.


  1. Thank you, for the sharing this, Mike. I had no idea who Joe Brooks was until I read your post, and I look forward to listening to that podcast and hopefully viewing the documentary. I'm a fan of documentaries, too.

    1. Cool, hope you're able to catch it this weekend. I watched it last night, his backstory is pretty interesting.

  2. I've seen some of the documentary. It's definitely worth everyone's time.

  3. Michael
    So sad we have loss some of the greatest icons of the fly fishing world-----thanks for sharing

    1. I guess that's what time does Bill... now who are the next set of icons to carry on their legacies.?