June 7, 2018


No, not these...

Image Courtesy: The Columbian

Although those chums or "dog" salmon are pretty interesting to look at. Total sidenote, if you dig salmon, the Meateater podcast on the various Alaskan species back in April was a great listen...

Anyway, when I'm talking Chums, I really mean the accessories company. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can find their website HERE.

See, almost a decade ago, I bought a nylon wallet they used to make during one of my long meanders through a Bass Pro Shops. I still use that wallet today... as it pretty much looks the same as when I bought it, with nary a fray or loose thread.

This is in stark contrast to all the brandless billfolds I used to pretty much destroy every year or two toting too much randomness in my back pocket just like George Constanza.

Okay, so let's bring this full circle. Looking at my wallet the other night, I randomly thought I'd pay the Chums website a visit... and I was rather surprised to find so much cool, fishy stuff, I thought I'd share.

First off, should I ever decide to replace my wallet, they've got an artist Andy Earl inspired "surfshort wallet" that would certainly the talk of any fly shop checkout line.

I mean how cool is that thing? And it's actually part of a whole collection of products...

But even more interesting is all of the waterproof stuff an angler might use, called their "Storm Series". Two rolltop pouches for cell phone/valuables, and two rolltop packs that can be worn as shoulder or waist packs. The stuff looks serious...

Oh, and they'll keep your snacks dry too!

I should probably make it clear, Chums didn't contact me to write this post. I've received no free gear or other compensation. I'm just geeking out that I didn't realize that the company that made my bombproof wallet years ago, also makes all these other cool accessories I could use on the stream.

Anyway, may be worth checking out if you're in the market for any of this stuff... And as a bag junkie, they've definitely piqued my interest in the Storm Series...


Fishing Fitness Footnotes:
  • Date: 6/6/2018
  • Current weight: 205 lbs ( -11 since start)
  • Current waist size: Bought a pair of size 36 jeans and they don't suck. (Orig 38)
  • Today: Walked around the neighborhood after dinner with K.C.
  • Misc: Did a 14-mile light bike ride last Saturday, and a 6-mile walk last Sunday


  1. I've had Chums for years. Keeps the old guy from dropping his glasses into the lake or river. In fact, I have two pair. One in the truck (for fishing) the other at home for around the house projects.

    1. Sweet. I've never had a pair... at least from them. But you know, something to look into.

  2. The only chum I have is a fishing buddy. =)

  3. Definitely caught my attention thanks to you, Mike. I watched the goldfish video, and really dug how they shot it and advertised the bag. Straight to the point. I also watched the Costanza video even thought I've seen it a billion times...but I just cannot pass up on a great Seinfeld clip. Thanks for sharing your find, Mike!

    1. I can watch Seinfeld non-stop too. Even though some of it doesn't exactly stand the test of time, it's still hilarious!

  4. Michael
    I'm always a sucker for any unusual fishing items, especially anything with trout on it----the wallet is on my wish list, saved the link---thanks for sharing