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Wanderlust - Anywhere But Jacksonville

Back to the work week...

Got that wanderlust feeling again. Guess that's usually what happens when you get back from one little getaway, you're already looking forward to the next one! Plus, it's pretty much been raining in the greater Jacksonville area non-stop for the last week. The grass sure looks green, but cabin fever is pretty fierce!

Luckily, I do have two "escapes" planned for the summer. They might even involve a little fishing, we'll see...

Middle of June the whole extended family (on my wife's side) is descending on the Outer Banks. There is going to be like two beach houses full of "in-laws" from all up and down the east coast. I've never been there, so I don't know what to expect. But from the number of "OBX" oval stickers stuck to the back window of people's SUVs, I'd guess a pretty tourist-heavy beach area, at least if you venture into whatever towns they have there. No big deal, I'm more or less ju…

A New (Family & Fishing) Fitness Plan

Anybody need to lose a couple pounds? I know I sure could stand to...

Here's the deal. I really don't do all that great a job of taking care of myself these days. I know I gotta eat healthier, exercise, lose some weight, all that great stuff that sounds wonderful in concept, but just never seems to stick. I'm getting a little older, my metabolism is slowing, I prefer to sleep as late as humanly possible before I get up to work an office job every day, and I don't like getting that "look" of disgust from the doctor when he reviews those high numbers in my bloodwork results. At least I don't smoke, guess I have that going for me.

First off, my family deserves better. I may currently be considered a "good husband & Dad" and be taking care of paying the bills and whatnot, but what good is that if I get laid up with a heart attack, stroke, develop type 2 diabetes, or who knows what else? Especially if it can be avoided. Genetics are always a bit …

The Driftless Photo Dump

Took quite a few photos while in Wisconsin.  But first a bit of backstory.

I usually take most of the photos on this blog with my smartphone, which has (what I think) is a pretty good camera. Well, as I was headed to the airport to start my long weekend in the Midwest, I heard this "thud" while getting some stuff from the trunk of my SUV and looked down to see that I had obliterated my cell phone screen... to the point that it started leaking purple LCD juice all over the inside of the display, rendering the phone pretty much unusable for the weekend. Ugh.

When I landed in Wisconsin, I ran over to the Walmart and picked up an inexpensive, unlocked Android phone to use for the weekend. The new phone works just fine, the major tradeoff being that the camera wasn't quite as good, although it took photos that were generally okay in the full-on sun.
The reason why I tell you this is some of the photos below are from the cell phone, while others are from my waterproof point an…

The Blessing of the Driftless

Fishing in the Driftless is a unique experience. 

Wonderfully cold spring creeks run past your feet, carved deep into the ground. Sharp, undercut banks scream for a fly to drift past. Feisty brookies and belligerent browns sit waiting to attack. And the intoxicating aroma of cow shit. 
But none of that is what makes the Driftless blessed.

One of the creeks that I enjoy fishing, or should I use the appropriate local term, "coulee," runs through a pasture right behind a church. The easement is located in the fence bordering the small gravel parking lot parishioners use to attend weekly service. I wonder how many of them are distracted by the trout right outside the window while praising the Lord. I sure know I'd be. That afternoon, my "Sunday Best" was a pair of waders.

It was eighty-five degrees around high noon. In Wisconsin? I was told it snowed ten days prior. There was no reason to expect that change of events. The weather service assuredly stated highs wer…